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"VoiceQ increases the speed and accuracy of our studio dubbing services and also helps actors spot their ADR lines easier. VoiceQ user interface gives the actors and the producers a lot of confidence when dubbing."
Russell Waite

Director, Red Angel, Hong Kong

"VoiceQ has been key to our success in dubbing with Netflix"
Allan Falk

Studio Owner, Post Haste Digital, LA

"The precision that is now possible with VoiceQ in pre-record workflows is somewhat revolutionary"
Jorg Fisher

Freelance writer

"VoiceQ enhances our current workflow with more precise sync between ProTools"
Jochen Dorn

Head of Sound Department, RRP Media, Germany

“The favorite Voice Q writer feature is the ability to export the columns you wish, in the order you wish.”
Peter Gillespie

VP Business Operations, Descriptive Video Works, Canada

Anime series dubbing

Goldcrest Post New York

"The talent no longer has to be looking at a script for the line, while also trying to look up at the screen to match lip flap.  This is an amazing improvement in our workflow."

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