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Complete control

With our cutting-edge software,
engineers have complete control
of the production process

Designed to fit with your setup

Our software is fully compatible with the latest audio hardware and software, making it easy for sound engineers to expand their toolkits with powerful additions. 

The key to global collaboration

VoiceQ allows users to collaborate with other talented sound engineers, voice actors, and writers worldwide. With real-time functionality, you can be in the same studio while countries apart. 

for refined production

VoiceQ’s applications have dynamic capabilities that give you complete control over the production process. From cueing talent to recording, there are multiple ways to direct performance.

Powerful features
for complete control

The VoiceQ Digital Rythmoband

We’ve digitised the famed rythmo band technique so that our users can enjoy its valuable features without the time-consuming process of the traditional method.

Customisable media windows

When recording, users can customise the font, length, and spacing of dialogue to accommodate any voice recording session and produce refined results.

Character filtering

In one click, you can filter entire scripts down to a single character. It’s a time-saving feature that significantly speeds up the pre-recording process.

Script support

Our software supports over 900 language variations and can import over 15 different script formats, including PDF and TTAL. With automated syncing, users can convert scripts 30X faster than conventional techniques allow.

Video support

Importing and exporting media should be a quick and easy process – and it is with VoiceQ. Our software supports an extensive range of video file formats, allowing users to spend their time where it matters.

Anime series dubbing

Goldcrest Post, New York USA

"The talent no longer has to be looking at a script for the line, while also trying to look up at the screen to match lip flap.  This is an amazing improvement in our workflow."

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Real Results

Results backed by
acclaimed studios worldwide

From London to South Africa to California and New York, VoiceQ is used by acclaimed studios worldwide to produce award-winning media.



Increase in Quality



Cost Savings



Return on Investment

“An undeniable value of VoiceQ is the ability to make changes in real-time, this makes the workflow much easier for everyone involved, including the actor and the director, which translates into a more precise and exact dubbing and more natural volume delivery from the actor.”

Products used: VoiceQ Pro, VoiceQ Writer, and VoiceQ Cloud

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