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VoiceQ Cloud

VoiceQ Cloud Manager is a subscription web-based application designed for pre-recording media localization, dialogue replacement, and reporting to complement VoiceQ Writer and VoiceQ Pro. This includes Dubbing, ADR, Audio Description, Voice Over, and Subtitling. 


The VoiceQ Cloud Manager application enables users to set all permissions including project access, sharing, collaboration, and reporting at any time from any device.


  • Accessible on multiple devices

  • Project Creation and upload

  • Global Realtime Reporting

  • User Management

  • Project Editing online with other users

  • Project Centralization and download options for users to work offline

  • Project video can be stored and viewed online

  • Increased security for projects on secure servers

  • Record online and share files to engineers



VoiceQ Cloud has an easy registration system for users to sign up. Once you register you can import contacts and they will receive an email invitation to register. Registered users can then be assigned to projects as specified users.

Radio Producer


VoiceQ Cloud has an online recording built into the product. Users can share projects and record within a browser on any supported device. This allows users to record remotely and upload recorded files directly to the studio.


VoiceQ Cloud centralizes all projects into one place. This allows users to easily track lines (50 characters) and script lines to easily measure the amount of time an actor is required for recording. This makes booking simple when doing multi-lingual projects. All data is captured in a simple interface giving users real-time progress on both Translation and Recording.


VoiceQ Cloud allows users assigned to projects to work in tandem with one another in multiple locations around the world. Users can work online or download the project to their computer.



Users of VoiceQ Pro can manage contacts directly using our service. You can sort by the following categories: Translator, Online translator, Audio Engineer, Client and Administrator/manager. Each user who signs up to a paid plan is given management rights to projects that user uploads or is set as a manager by another user.


World-class service demands the best security. Our users know that their information is kept safe. Encryption in transit and robust infrastructure mean users can rely on VoiceQ Cloud to keep confidential deliverables secure. Users can also manage access to projects and remove users at any time.



Who can use VoiceQ Cloud?

  • VoiceQ Cloud can be used by a wide range of roles including;  Adaptor, Administrator,  Audio Engineer, Client, Director, Quality Control, Translator and Writer.

  • We have designed VoiceQ Cloud for two usage categories;  Manager and Collaborator (free)

  • VoiceQ Manager is a paid subscription that allows users to upload and download projects and set all management permissions 

  • VoiceQ Collaborator is a free subscription which allows users to receive management permission rights to projects they upload or be designated as a manager by another paid subscription user.

Does VoiceQ Cloud integrate with VoiceQ Native Applications? 

  • Yes, VoiceQ Cloud can sync data with Voice Writer and VoiceQ Pro as required.

  • VoiceQ Cloud support has been added to VoiceQ Pro and VoiceQ Writer.

  • Once a user has signed into VoiceQ Cloud via 'VoiceQ>Account>Log-in' the user may take advantage of Project sharing via the VoiceQ Cloud service. 

If I already have VoiceQ Pro and VoiceQ Writer do I need VoiceQ Cloud?   

  • Yes, VoiceQ Cloud will provide you with real-time global reporting across all applications, ability to centralise projects and a low-cost alternative to purchasing more VoiceQ Writer licences for pre-recording workflows.

  • VoiceQ Cloud does not offer web-based recording but can report on recording completed with VoiceQ Pro native application.

How many Voice Q Cloud licenses do I need?

  • We recommend every facility that has VoiceQ Writer subscribe to at least 1 VoiceQ Manager license 

  • We recommend and all team members involved in pre-record workflow subscribe to the FREE VoiceQ Collaborator license