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What is VoiceQ?

Developed in Auckland New Zealand, in 2003, VoiceQ software speeds up the dialogue creation and replacement process in the post production stage of television, film, video and gaming production, enabling precise synchronization and quality performance.

Its macOS and Cloud applications enable on premise and remote workflows for Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR), Audio Description (AD), Captioning, Dubbing, and Voice Over. Its user interface and feature set cater for a variety of users including Administrators, Adaptors, Creative Directors, Audio Engineers, Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Translators and Voice Actors. Refer to VoiceQ Products.


Supporting over 900 languages, VoiceQ can import a wide range of script types and media files with varying frame rates. Its dynamic scripting features allows Translators and Adaptors to efficiently write and edit scripts to match media and aesthetically displayed in a custom media view. VoiceQ’s renowned digital rythmoband feature provides voice talent with a karaoke-like experience for recording, allowing them to deliver authentic and compelling performances.

Real-time reporting features allow Directors and Managers to accurately assess script volume per character and develop talent booking schedules. Custom integration enables users to plug into digital audio workstations (DAWs) including: Avid Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Reaper and AI support platforms for machine translation, synthetic voice and audio quality control.

VoiceQ’s strength lies in its understanding of the art of dialogue replacement. It is close to the evolution of dubbing, where a project is treated less as a recording session than as its own production, and is dedicated to the development of audio tools that power authentic performance, just as the original creator intended.

The VoiceQ Community

VoiceQ is now used by over 270 studios globally, including 50 of the largest SVOD network partners, with thousands of professionals delivering over 2 million minutes of dubbed and audio descriptive international content per annum. Underscoring this, it has achieved global brand recognition for helping to drive the global English dubbing boom and sector product recognition as “a really clever piece of kit.”

Blockbuster international series that have been dubbed into English utilizing VoiceQ software include five of the top 20 Netflix shows, iconic animated and live action films dubbed into indigenous languages such as Disney’s Moana, The Lion King, Frozen, The Lego Movie and the Predator Sequel – Prey as well as A-grade video games such as The Witcher: Wild hunt and Cyberpunk 2077; and PlayStation 5 titles; Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, Lego Star Wars and Horizon Forbidden West.

VoiceQ’s R&D roadmap includes gaming localisation, interoperability with other platforms, advanced cloud technology, and new technologies, notably AI.

Our Team

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Steven Renata

Managing Director

Jill Tattersall


Rhonda Kite

Board Member

Yoon Ho Lim

Senior Software Engineer

Adam Fu

Cloud Engineer

Jordan Koziol-Repia

Senior Project Manager

John McKay

CEO, POW Studios - VoiceQ R&D & UX Partner

John Harley

CEO, Voice Archive UK | Adrenaline Studios Ltd. - VoiceQ R&D & UX Partner

Maxime Rabault

Creative and Technical Support Consultant for Americas and French-speaking territories

Charles Fathy

Director of English Dubbing at Pixelogic Media - VoiceQ R&D & UX Partner

Greg Junovich

Owner of Native Audio Ltd - VoiceQ R&D & UX Partner


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