Experience Series 7.2.1 Localization Innovations

December 3, 2023

Greetings to all our users!

We are excited to announce a new initiative where we will regularly share articles to keep you informed about the latest updates to our software. As part of your subscription, we are continuously working behind the scenes to enhance our scripting software, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your dubbing and ADR workflows.

Look out for a monthly article titled "This Month in VoiceQ" or "TWIV," where we will consolidate all the important updates, improvements, and features. This will serve as your go-to resource to stay up-to-date in one convenient place.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and we look forward to providing you with valuable insights into the ongoing developments at VoiceQ.

“I love using VoiceQ in the studio!  It’s made my job soooo much easier!”  - Andy Roth | Award-winning producer, casting director and voice director
Update (7.2.1)

We are excited to support studios and professionals with VoiceQ Native Pro and Writer Series 7.2.1, our cutting-edge voiceover software. This release brings a host of new features, improved compatibility, and enhanced accessibility to empower users in their voiceover projects. Here's a comprehensive overview of the key updates:

User Guides Update

Stay informed and make the most of VoiceQ Pro with our updated user guides. We've refreshed guides covering Cloud, MIDI with Pro Tools, and Google Cloud. Access the latest information and tips on our User Guides page.

macOS Sonoma Compatibility

VoiceQ applications now boast full compatibility with macOS Sonoma, leveraging the latest GPU support for Apple Silicon devices. This ensures a seamless experience on the cutting-edge macOS Sonoma, making your favorite voiceover software even more powerful.

Disclaimer: Project Compatibility

It's important to note that projects created with this version of VoiceQ may not be compatible with older versions. The inclusion of FORCED NARRATIVE in the TTAL format export and importing features means that project files may not open on older versions. Additionally, new data in the VoiceQ Cloud structure accommodates added features.

Accessibility Improvement

Enhance your user experience with the new Font Size Options feature, significantly improving accessibility. Choose from a range of font sizes to suit your visual preferences, offering a more personalized and enriched experience.

New Features:
1. Audio Recording Support

VoiceQ Pro now supports external audio interfaces from major brands such as Universal Audio, Audient, Focusrite, and PreSonus. This enables recording in new formats like AIFF and M4A in lossless quality, benefiting audio description and narration recording.

2. Bluetooth/Headphone Audio

Enjoy automatic connection support via Bluetooth or external headphones. Audio settings seamlessly switch, providing a smoother experience during voiceover sessions.

3. Conform Files Default Setting

During Matchbox conforming, the default action for dropped lines is now set to 'Leave,' streamlining the conforming process for a more intuitive experience.

4. 'Done' Prompt for Multiple Line Changes

When marking multiple lines as 'Done,' a convenient 'All Done' prompt has been added, streamlining workflows and improving project management efficiency.

5. Media Window Shortcut Compatibility

The F9 shortcut (or Fn+F9) is now fully compatible with the latest macOS versions, allowing you to quickly open and close the media window without using the mouse.

6. Shortcut for Script Details Editor

A new shortcut (Ctrl+E) allows you to toggle the script details editor, designed to work seamlessly when one item is selected and disabled when multiple items are selected.

"We use VoiceQ daily. It's an excellent and recommendable tool." - Claudio Martino do Amaral |Production Manager | Audio Describer
7. New AI support Features:
8. Third-party integrations;
Bug Fixes:

Various minor bug fixes and performance improvements have been implemented to enhance the overall stability and functionality of VoiceQ Pro.

"You guys have great customer service!!!!” - Heather Gonzalez | Dubbing Director | The Kitchen Mia
AVID Satellite connectivity unpacked
Visual workflow:

Explore our implementation tools: Setting up your studio.

As always, we welcome your feedback and questions. Feel free to reach out as you explore the new features and improvements in VoiceQ Pro. Happy voiceover recording!