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Our software enables you to produce
perfectly synchronised dialogue and
deliver impactful performances

All-in-one script management

VoiceQ Writer gives translators, directors, writers, and adaptors full control over scripts during the pre-recording stages.

Real-time connectivity

Nurture the creative process by instantly connecting with other users anywhere in the world. Edit scripts and share projects as if you’re all in the studio together.

Karaoke for voice actors

Our Digital Rythmoband provides frame-accurate cueing with multiple display options, allowing creatives to deliver evocative performances. Think of it as karaoke for voice actors.

Let your creative talent take
center stage with VoiceQ

Multi-language capability

By adapting over 900 language variations including those of LTR and RTL, VoiceQ facilitates accurate storytelling between a multitude of cultures.

Customised reporting

We enable actors and writers to have comprehensive oversight of projects by providing customised reports that detail schedules, time spent, and lines remaining.

Familiar interfaces

Designed with both expert and novice software users in mind, VoiceQ's intuitive interface feels familiar and reduces the time needed for training.

Script support

VoiceQ supports an extensive range of script formats including  Microsoft Word, TTAL, and subtitle files. The conversion process should be quick and we ensure it is.

Character filtering

Our software makes it easy to track and display dialogue for singular characters. In one click, you can filter an entire script down to the lines you need.

The voice-over artists have all said that this allows them to ‘act’ rather than recite.  We can do numerous takes of a scene in half the time it would take if we were recording line by line.  The end result is a much better show being recorded in less time.

Products used: VoiceQ Pro and VoiceQ Writer

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