VoiceQ is a native and cloud-based software platform used for localization and dialogue replacement of film, gaming, TV, and video, enabling efficient, precise synchronization and quality performance.

The company was formed in 2003 to meet the need for dubbing children’s television into the indigenous language of New Zealand – te Reo Māori, where lack of infrastructure called for digital solutions. This led to the development of VoiceQ as an innovative software application that is now scaling rapidly in response to explosive demand for media content that meets language, culture and accessibility needs.

VoiceQ automates the dialogue replacement process for ADR, Audio Description, Dubbing,  Voice Over and Subtitling.   The practical application of the user interface and feature set has been shown to improve work efficiency and quality by up to 50% compared to traditional workflows.  

With the media industry shifting to collaborative processes delivered on a global scale, our latest R&D focuses on integrating localization solutions, cloud management, and database delivery. VoiceQ's agile R&D strategy captures the voice of the global market and transforms this into real tools in real-time.  

Every year on 6 continents, 28 languages, 30 countries, and over 200 studios VoiceQ is used to curate an estimated 3.5 million hours of content with clients ranging from global localization businesses to high-end independent specialists.






VoiceQ Writer is a native macOS software application designed as an all-in-one scripting management tool for use with VoiceQ Pro. The application enables writers, translators, adaptors and directors to have full control over scripts prior to recording. 

VoiceQ Writer can import over 15 different script file types, including PDF, and automatically synch or create timecodes for translation and adaption in seconds.  Competent users can adapt up to 80  scripts lines per hour or 30% faster than traditional methods. 

The ability to visually compare the script adaptation with the media file provides an incredibly precise “word level” guide for the actors, directors, and technicians, and can be used to complement traditional ADR methods. 

VoiceQ Writer offers comprehensive reporting tools and integrates with VoiceQ Cloud for group reporting.


VoiceQ Pro is a native macOS application designed as a complete pre-recording and recording tool for media localization including ADR, Audio Description Dubbing, Voice Over and Subtitling. 

VoiceQ Pro includes the VoiceQ Writer Application

VoiceQ Pro user interface and feature set enable engineers to have full control over the media files during recording. VoiceQ Pro can import a wide range of media files for word perfect lip-synch dubbing or voiceover. Files can be easily exported for collaboration or final project delivery for mixing purposes.

The application tethers to AVID Pro Tools and other common Digital Audio Workstations allowing voice actors to record in real-time. Using Pro's' wide range of prompting features new voice actors can deliver up to 25 cues per hour with skilled voice actors delivering up to 50 cues per hour.

VoiceQ Pro offers comprehensive reporting tools and integrates with VoiceQ Cloud for group reporting.



VoiceQ Cloud is a web-based application designed for pre-recording media localization and dialogue replacement designed to compliment VoiceQ Writer and VoiceQ Pro. This includes Dubbing, ADR, Audio Description, Voice Over and Subtitling.  The application enables users to collaborate, manage and report on projects at any time from computers,  laptops, and smart devices.

Project Collaboration - Users can be assigned projects to work collaboratively regardless of location.  Users have the choice to work online or download the project to their device of choice and sync it at their discretion.

Project Centralization - VoiceQ Cloud enables users to accurately quantify recording time per actor and simplify talent booking processes on large or multi-lingual projects.

Global Realtime Reporting - VoiceQ Cloud project reports offer 24/7 transparency and can also integrate with VoiceQ  Writer and VoiceQ Pro reporting. All data is captured in the cloud interface giving users real-time progress on script translation, adaptation and recording workflows.

User Management - Users can manage contacts and sort by following categories: Adaptor, Administrator,  Audio Engineer, Client, Director, Quality Control, Online Translator, Writer/Translator. Paid subscription users receive management permission rights to projects they upload or can be designated as a manager by another paid subscription user.


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