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We recently caught up with Fannie Brett-Rabault and Max Rabault, global dubbing exponents and founders of 7 Holdings Media, Las Vegas Nevada, to get their insights on the remote dubbing landscape. They share their career journey and what it takes to achieve efficient, quality, and sustainable dubbing in a modern hybrid world.

Fannie, can you share how you got into the industry? 

 I’m a child of the National French Conservatory. Awarded for Ballet and Drama. I also graduated in music analysis and singing. Acting and music productions let me naturally honour my place as a Dub Producer, Voiceover Casting Manager and Director.

What do you love about the sector? 

Getting my quote approved, getting to work and telling an actor she/ he got the part!

What would you tell your 20-year-old yourself about the sector?

True care and respect for the content is what will serve you through production bumps. Don’t take anything personally and protect your creative team.

Max, can you share how you got into the industry? 

After being a video production manager for 10 years in Paris. I then started to represent VoiceQ in North America and Europe, and finally, I became a sound engineer and developed our remote workflow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What do you love about the sector? 

Making our tech effortless for the team and especially for our talent since we record remotely. The project editing is my favorite part.

When was 7 Holdings Media (7HM) founded?

7 Holdings Media was created in August 2016. Our main goal was to create a production company. However, in 2018, we pivoted to become a remote dubbing company.

What inspired you to start 7HM?

We started by offering film and dubbing services. Later, we switched to post-production due to the growing need for experts in this field. Then, we saw a chance to provide coaching in dubbing and adaptation. This included training in the Rythmoband method. We also added adaptation coaching, quality control, and technical support for home studios. We trained aspiring voice actors, some from scratch.

What are the core areas of expertise and service offerings within 7HM?

Our organization excels in voice acting and dubbing. We offer key services:

  1. Multi-language localisation - We honour live-action and animation dubbing from any language into Eng US or French Parisian.
  2. High-quality economic production - Because of our consistent obsession with actors' home studio quality, our productions have no studio cost. 
  3. Training - We train voice actors on the industry’s best software and dubbing practices. We help set up home studios with top-notch equipment and advice to prepare them for remote work.
  4. Recruitment - We precisely select voice talent, bypassing prolonged auditioning processes. Our global network connects clients to over 300 skilled voice actors who can work remotely for high-quality dubbing projects.

Our approach blends training, support, and a vast talent pool for top-notch results. We focus on efficiency, quality, and respecting original content.

What are the critical workflow challenges 7HM addresses within the dubbing industry?

We know traditional dubbing workflows face significant challenges. These issues mainly involve auditions. The process could be faster, and more efficient, often needing improvement. Why?

  1. Actors miss context. They need key project details. These include visuals and character motives. They can result in unauthentic performances.
  2. Expectations could be clearer. Actors need to hear the original voices or understand the needed dubbing style. This can lead to role misinterpretations.
  3. Auditions waste the time and resources of everyone involved. This includes actors, casting directors, agents, and production teams.
7HM  solves these challenges through a multifaceted approach:
  1. We maintain a vetted global network of voice actors. They have proven experience in dubbing and a deep understanding of workflows. They also have a record of delivering high-quality performances.
  2. We use expertise-based casting. We pick actors based on a deep understanding of the project's needs and our actors' unique talents. This eliminates the need for time-consuming auditions and ensures the perfect voice for each role.
  3. Remote Collaboration is fully remote. It lets us connect quickly with the best voice actor. We can do this no matter where they are. This streamlines the process and significantly reduces production timelines.

We eliminate the need for traditional auditions and instead rely on established relationships with talented voice actors. This change makes things more efficient and cheaper and ensures the dubbed product matches the vision of the original content.

What do you observe as key sector or consumer trends driving change in the dubbing industry?

The dubbing industry is experiencing significant shifts driven by several interconnected trends:

Consumer Trends:

  1. Speed to Market: Consumers want quick access to dubbed content, which should be available on many platforms and in many regions. This need has made fast and efficient dubbing workflows more crucial.
  2. Diverse Content: The world now craves diverse content. This has led to more demand for dubbing in various languages and cultures. It also means a need for careful casting and localization.
  3. Authenticity: Even though consumers like dubbed content's convenience, they still want authentic performances. These performances should capture the original's emotions and nuances.

Sector Trends:

  1. AI Impact on Dubbing: AI dubbing tools bring both challenges and opportunities. They handle simple roles well. However, they struggle to match human emotions, especially for the main characters.
  2. Costs and AI: AI is lowering dubbing costs. This trend creates a need to balance cost and quality.
  3. Working anywhere: Remote work and digital tools give access to various voice actors. They lead to more diverse casting and a focus on authenticity.

Our organization excels at adapting to trends. We use our casting experience, prioritize human-centric dubbing, and employ efficient remote workflows. We focus on quality, speed, and authenticity. This focus ensures our success in a changing industry.

What are the main technology platforms used at 7HM?

We primarily use three software platforms: AVID Pro Tools, VoiceQ and Session Link Pro. With lots of testing and experimenting with various features available across the platforms we've developed a high-performance custom workflow in Session Link Pro that integrates with VoiceQ recording functionality that ensures recording is real-time and lag-free.

How does this custom setup work?

Well, that’s our secret sauce, so give us a call to find out more:)  Essentially we've eliminated the delay typical in many remote recording setups. Actors get the video feed with a timecode sync bar in real-time. They also hear the audio from Pro Tools in real-time. This gives them the feeling of being in a professional studio, even when recording from home.

That's impressive. So, what do actors need on their end to take part?

All they need is their recording booth, Google Chrome, and good internet, so they don't need to buy any extra software or subscriptions. Our goal was to spread the studio experience, making it accessible to actors from anywhere. They would not need to buy expensive software or equipment. We're committed to giving actors the best remote recording experience, and our custom setup is a big part of that.

Fannie, what are your thoughts on VoiceQ technology as a Creative?

I've used VoiceQ since my time at Roundabout Entertainment in Burbank. It's been a game-changer. Adaptability is a huge benefit for both actors and directors. As a director, I can adjust on the fly to help actors. They appreciate the real-time feedback.

Max, can you elaborate on how VoiceQ streamlines your workflow as an Engineer?

VoiceQ simplifies quoting for projects. The line count feature helps me prepare accurate estimates. Additionally, I can set markers during the preview, saving time in the editing process. It's incredibly efficient.

Are there any features you'd like to see added?

We are very happy with the current functionality. The ability to label characters on the timeline is beneficial. The high-performance mode set to default ensures smoother performance, especially on less powerful computers.

What made you choose VoiceQ over other options?

Having tried other solutions, VoiceQ is the most user-friendly and precise. It captures the real performances. It doesn't need complex codes. It has simple tools like markers for breath and speech indicators. In our opinion, it's simply the best on the market.

Would a Windows version of VoiceQ be beneficial?

Absolutely. Many actors and potential adapters use PCs. Expanding to Windows would significantly broaden VoiceQ's reach and user base.  We noticed VoiceQ have now launched VocieQ Cloud which is Windows-friendly so we are keen to trial this and add it to our tool kit and workflow.  

Can you share any recent project insights into which VoiceQ played a key role?

We recently dubbed a German series into English for an SVOD provider. We were thrilled to hire five actors whom we had trained in our program. It's gratifying to train and then use these talented individuals. VoiceQ's flexibility has been instrumental in making this possible. It allows us to work with actors in many locations. It offers them opportunities despite their technical setup.

Before we conclude, is there anything else you'd like to add?

I'm just grateful for the opportunity to give back. I've been fortunate in my career, and now, with our training program and technology, I can help aspiring actors find their footing in the industry. Seeing our students grow, developing their skills, and landing roles in major projects is incredibly fulfilling. The flexibility and accessibility of VoiceQ has been instrumental in making that possible.” -  Max Rabault

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