The Bang and Zoom of Dubbing and Voice Over

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The Bang and Zoom of Dubbing and Voice Over

We recently caught up with the team at Bang Zoom! Studios in Burbank, California to get their thoughts on the future of localization technology for the sector. Patrick Rodman; Chief Engineer, Maverick Yadao; Recording Engineer, Rayner Tham; -Audio Operations Supervisor and Scott Page Pagter; Voice Talent Director comment on what it takes to achieve efficient remote directing and recording with world-class quality.

When was Bang Zoom Studio founded?


Who founded Bang Zoom Studio?

Eric P Sherman

What was the primary driver to set up the business?

The need for creating excellent English language dubs of anime at a time when this was lacking.

What are the primary areas of the business?

Audio Post and Voice Over production for originals and dubbing.

What are the key workflow problems to solve?

We are afforded less time to do high-quality work. This is a constant challenge.

What are the key trends driving change?

As the marketplace for content truly becomes global, getting this content to market quickly is as important as it’s ever been in history. Project delivery speed is paramount with high quality.

What are the key consumer trends driving change?

Appointment television is a thing of the past. Today’s generation of viewers expect to be able to not only binge content all at once if they so choose but they also want everything right away. Demand and instant gratification is now part of the consumer experience and one they’ve come to expect.

What is Bang Zoom doing to adapt to trends?

First and foremost, we have focused on streamlining our operations to complete and deliver projects faster than ever before. The trick is to maintain the same high level of quality and we do this by having multiple checkpoints at every stage of the process. It’s an all-hands on deck approach to making sure we deliver extraordinarily high quality, on-time, and on-budget - without compromise.

Can you share insights from a recent project?

We recently completed work on a Japanese OTT original live-action series dub which was the prequel to a famed horror movie franchise. The series dives into the events that happen several years before the first movie and helps establish the notable characters whom we know today.​

What were the challenges in the project?

The biggest challenge was to migrate the entire recording process remotely during this COVID-19 pandemic. The plan was to have both the voice talent director, Scott, and the talent stationed remotely, while our recording engineer, Maverick, would helm the sessions from our studio. During the sessions, we had to ensure there were no compromises in the quality of work as if we were onsite at the studio while minimizing the effort and headaches for everyone involved. Remote recordings can introduce latency and dropout issues, so everyone had to be patient and trust one another since this was new territory, we were threading in. The end product is definitely an exact representation of everyone’s hard work and efforts.

What are the key workflow problems to solve?

Integrating VoiceQ into the remote workflow began with experimentation. There were multiple ways to do so, but the key was to find one that suited our workflow. The learning curve for our director and voice talent to operate VoiceQ remotely was a new factor to consider and resolve.​

Why did you choose VoiceQ as a technology solution?

Bang Zoom! Studios invest heavily in the latest technologies and staff training. We had come across VoiceQ on many occasions over the years and were impressed with their innovation program that matches the ever-changing demands of the industry.

In what areas does VoiceQ offer you the most value?

The user interface, feature set, ease of use, and DAW integration deliver huge value to us. The diligent application of VoiceQ’s feature set significantly speeds up the adaption and recording workflows while maintaining high project quality. Secondly, VoiceQ’s unique Rhythmoband script presentation allows our voice talent more freedom to focus on acting rather than reading a paper or digital script. The stronger focus on voice acting amplifies the director's ability to coach the talent and get the best performance with every take. Lastly, the ability to integrate VoiceQ with Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) like Pro Tools is immensely helpful and seamless for our workflows.

VoiceQ - Recording 6 Episodes
About Bang Zoom! Studios

Situated in the heart of Burbank, California, Bang Zoom! Entertainment is an award-winning, full service, and powerful audio and post-production company. With over 15,000 sq. ft. of combined space, the facilities include seven ADR recording stages, a world-class spacious ensemble cast stage, two Foley stages, six edit bays, and four re-recording Dolby certified mix stages with 5.1, 6.1 & 7.1 surround sound capabilities. We will configure our facilities to meet the specific creative and technical needs of your project, all under one roof. Our personalized care for your project will remind you that you are at a boutique studio, while our capabilities often surpass those of a much larger facility.


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