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We recently caught up with Brian Bartelt General Manager | Vice President of Post Haste Digital in Los Angeles US to get his thoughts on the future of localisation technology.

​When Post Haste was founded?

Back in 2003​

What was the primary  driver to set up the business?

Allan Falk, the company’s founder recognised that the industry was changing and emerging digital workflows were the future. He saw there was a way to do things differently, and started with applying those new workflows to catalogue audio remastering.

What are the primary areas of the business?

Post Haste is one of the industry leaders in audio and video post-production. We service the major studios, streaming platforms, as well as independents. Post Haste also offers full feature post including sound design/editorial, ADR, Foley, and large theatrical dubbing stage. Additional services offered are colour correction, digital file creation/delivery, QC, audio and video migration.

What are the key workflow problems to solve?

Producing high volume of quality content as quickly as possible. In other words, efficiency with highest quality. For example, getting consistent high quality adaptation in the timeframes required can be challenging.  In terms of quality adaptation we need mean translation that matches the mouth labials,  normally the translator will try to make the "labials"—the consonants that cause the mouth to close, such as M, B, and P—match up with the labials in the English version. This part of workflow still remains somewhat of an art form, albeit digital tools are disrupting the traditional workflow and use of paper scripts.

What are the key sector trends driving change?

Increasing understanding that the industry is not exclusively about US-made content or US-based audiences. The availability of new digital distribution anywhere on the planet is changing the landscape rapidly. All of these support and encourages greater localisation.

What are the key consumer trends driving change?

The shift in demographics and the rise of millennials who as a generation consume media very differently than Gen X and Baby Boomers. They are truly the first generation who consider themselves “connoisseurs of content” and have high expectations of dubbed content. We have also witnessed a massive shift to low-cost online distribution methods which opens up viewership to new audiences. SVOD companies are key players influencing this space.

What area is VoiceQ of most value?

Hands down when we get into the recording stage VoiceQ transforms the recording process by enabling voice actors to give their best performance. It also helps Directors to support the actor to give their best and implement changes on the fly in the studio within the script and on-screen . This saves an enormous amount of time for all parties.

Why did you choose Voice Q as a competitive solution

To be honest we didn’t need explore other products as we felt VoiceQ was a natural fit and has it helped us achieve and maintain 'gold tier' sector status.


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