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We recently caught up with Gus Borner, President, and the team at IGLOO MUSIC, one of the industry’s leading operators based in Burbank California, USA to get their thoughts on the future of localization technology for music production and audio post-production.

When was IGLOO Music founded?    

“IGLOO was founded back in 1994 on my own, then started growing as a production team and facility.”

What was the primary driver to set up the business?

“I started working in the Los Angeles studios in 1989, after a few years as a freelancer the idea was to set up my own facility.”

What are the primary areas of the business?

“Music production and audio post-production.  Specifically ADR, Voice-Over recording, mixing and music production for artists, film and TV.”

What are the key sector trends driving change?

“The enormous amount of content now being produced impact workflow efficiency, accuracy and delivery timeframes.”

What are the key consumer trends driving change?

“Recently we’ve noticed a growing demand for international TV and film to be dubbed into English. This has been validated by new consumer research that suggests viewers prefer watching in a language they can understand, rather than reading subtitles. This is especially true for the US consumer market.”

Can you share any recent projects you’ve been working on?

“Yes, we’ve just completed  a TV Series that originally filmed in Turkish, and dub it into English using ADR.”

What were the challenges in the project?

“The main challenge of this project is to adapt the dialogue performances for English viewers while syncing them with characters on-screen lips.”

What are the key workflow problems to solve?

“We were looking for a way to prompt actors with their lines, in a way that their lines were visible before and after they needed to read them. We also needed a program that makes script preparation efficient, accurate and simple for in-session adjustments. The stationary script on the top of the VoiceQ video also proved to be an effective alternative for lines that actors had to fit a lot of dialogue in a short amount of time.”

In what areas does VoiceQ offer IGLOO the most value?

“VoiceQ’s value to our workflow is its precision. Since most of our ADR projects are dubbing projects, syncing dialogue with the picture can be a challenge. The streamers give the actors an effective way of matching their performances with the on-screen characters.”

What are your favourite VoiceQ features?

“VoiceQ Rewire is our favourite feature because it seamlessly syncs the videos between VoiceQ and ProTools with minimal setup.”

There are other technology options in the market, why did you choose VoiceQ as your preferred a solution?

“VoiceQ offered a way to allow actors to read lines before and after (since streamers flow through the screen), giving them a more comfortable way to deliver their performances. We would recommend to any operators to try a VoiceQ  trial first as you explore your options and let the results speak for themselves.”

IGLOO Team Member Daniel Davila on site


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