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Discover the latest features and releases for VoiceQ Cloud

VoiceQ Cloud is a comprehensive and secure collaboration platform for the translation and dubbing industry, offering centralized project management, real-time collaboration, quality control tools, and integrations with other tools and systems.

Version 4.1.7 - Released on 01/10/2023

- Actor Selection in Projects: Users can now select actors for their projects, enhancing customization and control over voice recordings.
- Global Character Options: Set character options globally, saving time and ensuring consistency across projects.
- Character Project Association: Easily view which projects a character is assigned to in the group's section, improving project management.
- Export Total Row Calculations: Users can now export total row calculations from both groups and projects, facilitating data analysis and reporting.
- Word Metrics in Percentage: Word metrics are now displayed as percentages, offering more detailed insights into project progress and statistics.

Bug Fixes:

- Dashes in Characters: The use of dashes in characters has been fixed, ensuring proper functionality and preventing any unexpected behavior.
- Alphabetical Character Sorting: Characters within projects are now sorted alphabetically for easier navigation and organization.
- Email Display for User Addition: When adding a user to a team, their email is now displayed for better identification.
- Project List ID Visibility: The list ID is now shown in the projects section, aiding in project tracking and management.
- Streamlined Characters Section: The characters section in projects has been cleaned and streamlined for improved user experience.
- Dual Language Import from Netflix TTAL Files: Cloud now imports both languages from Netflix TTAL files, enhancing compatibility and usability.
- Group-wide Hours Calculation: Hours are now calculated across all projects in the group section, providing a comprehensive overview of workload.
- Bulk Update of Rate and Type Information: Users can now update rate and type information across multiple projects simultaneously, saving time and effort.
- 48-hour Invitation Link with MFA: The invitation link for users now expires after 48 hours and includes Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for enhanced security.
- Support for h.265 Video Uploads: Videos uploaded in h.265 format are now supported, expanding compatibility with various video files.
- Increased Line Limitation: Line limitation has been increased to 1500 from 1000, allowing for longer and more detailed script entries.
- Correct Project List ID Display: List IDs now display correctly across projects, preventing any confusion or misidentification.
- Bulk Deletion of Contacts: Users now have the option to bulk delete contacts, streamlining contact management.

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