VoiceQ Pro Unleashes Major Upgrade with Enhanced Features

February 5, 2024

VoiceQ Pro, a leading voiceover software, has rolled out a significant update, reinforcing its position as an industry frontrunner. Packed with cutting-edge GPU support for Apple Silicon devices, the latest version ensures seamless performance across diverse systems.

Improved Accessibility Features:

Addressing user preferences, VoiceQ Pro introduces Font Size Options, providing a personalized and enriched experience. Users can now adjust text sizes to cater to individual visual preferences, enhancing overall readability.

Key Features Transforming Voiceover Workflows:

  1. Efficient Line Changes: A new 'Done' prompt streamlines the process of marking multiple lines as complete, boosting project management efficiency.
  2. Expanded Audio Recording Support: VoiceQ Pro now supports external audio interfaces from renowned manufacturers, enabling recording in AIFF and M4A formats, particularly benefiting Audio Description and narration recording.
  3. Seamless Bluetooth/Headphone Audio: Automatic connection support via Bluetooth or external headphones ensures a smoother audio experience during voiceover sessions.
  4. Intuitive Conforming Process: Conform files default to 'Leave' on Dropped Lines, simplifying the conforming process during Matchbox/Conformalizer operations.
  5. Extended Cloud Sync Capability: Users can now sync up to 1500 characters per line, offering enhanced flexibility for script management.
  6. Advanced Exporting Options: New advanced exporting options allow for exporting more rows, expanding the capabilities of the "Export>Advanced Export" feature.
  7. H.265 Video Codec Support: Official support for the H.265 video codec improves video compatibility.
  8. Hours of Recording Time Calculation: VoiceQ now calculates estimated recording time for talent based on Words per Hour (WPH) settings, streamlining project planning.
  9. Media Window Shortcut Compatibility: The F9 or Fn+F9 shortcut is now fully compatible with the latest macOS versions, providing quick access to the media window.
  10. Network iLok Support: Collaboration is made easier with the ability to share licenses over networks using Network iLok.
  11. OOONA Script Compatibility via JSON: Seamless import of OOONA scripts via JSON files ensures accurate and efficient script handling for enhanced collaboration.
  12. Target WPH Customization: Users can customize Target Words per Hour (WPH) for precise control over project progress and scheduling.
  13. Words per Character Tracking: Keep track of project progress with words per character metrics displayed in the characters view.

Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements:

The update includes various minor bug fixes and performance improvements, enhancing the overall stability and functionality of VoiceQ Pro.

AVID Satellite Enhancements:

For users collaborating with AVID Satellite and Pro Tools, VoiceQ Pro has made significant adjustments, addressing selection problems during playback and recording. The update also improves scrubbing performance, overcoming previous issues triggered by simultaneous Selection and Update video commands.

Playback Commands and Nudging Options for Pro Tools:

AVID Satellite functionality has undergone extensive testing with the latest version of Pro Tools. Users can now confidently control playback and perform precise nudging operations when collaborating on Pro Tools projects through VoiceQ Pro.

With a commitment to innovation and user-centric features, VoiceQ Pro continues to be an indispensable tool for voiceover professionals seeking top-notch performance and compatibility across various systems.