The Story of Novelcast from F&D Level

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The Story of Novelcast from F&D Level

We recently caught up with Jean-Baptiste Jeannot, Founder and Director at Novelcast FR  to get his thoughts on the future of technology for localising audio dramas audio books.

Who is Novelcast?

"Novelcast is an executive audio production company focused on new digital content, We provide audio production of audiobooks, audio series and trans-media projects. Our services are adapted to create tailored soundscapes for each project. Our history in production has been forged in all audiovisual disciplines: video game, documentary, e-learning, dubbing, audio-description, audio series, audiobook, audioguide. This depth of disciplines allows us to analyse the needs and specificities of each program"

What is your history with the industry?

"I'm the Founder and Director at Novelcast but I've been sound designer and director since 1995, evolving to the sound design for multimedia in 1997. I then founded TRIOM Production directing the French versions of more than 80 video games and sound design for the likes of Microsoft and Wanadoo interactive . Then, within Seven Seven, I directed the soundtrack of 5 interactive animated feature films on DVD, from the images of Thorgal comics. In 2011, I launched the production of Novelcast's first sound fictions in parallel with the dubbing of major video game licenses such as Tomb Raider Reboot, Marvel Heroes , Splinter Cell blacklist , or other more dreamlike ones like Alice, Madness returns . In 2013 I adapted and directed the audio series The Sign of the Ogre , the first francophone audio series of 24 episodes of 25 minutes.  Life has been busy ever since."

Who are the other key influencers at Novelcast?

"Dominique Kieffer our Director of production and executive producer. From 1994 he managed the production of 80 localisation to the French language of fun video projects for Activision , Ubisoft , Lego Media , Microsoft and 144 episodes of animation for Canal Jand RTL and 212 episodes of youth sitcom for Disney Television France. In 2014 and 2015 he produced in Libreville the local adaptation of the format "It's not rocket science! (24X26 ') for Gabon Television . In 2016 Dominique officially joined us at Novelcast to develop the sound design catalog and pilot Audible © audiobooks and audio series production and post-production lines which is ongoing."

What services does Novelcast offer?
  • Casting - management and database of 400 actors
  • Recording- Selection of the studio best suited to the specificities of the project. Board directors experienced in audiobooks, animation, dubbing, audio description ...
  • Post Audio Production- Editing, sound effects, mixing and internalised quality control. A pool of sound designers and engineers.
  • Budgetary - Advice and feasibility study. Free quotes including customised cost / time / quality adapted to the project.
  • Legal - Management of artistic rights Logistics - Centralised management of human and material resources. Customer support during the entire project cycle by a single contact.
Can you tell us about Audible’s Audio Dramas and the relationship with Novelcast?

"Yes, these are American audio dramas, produced by in English, with high end audio design produced by BBC sound engineers. Now is beginning to publish audio dramas in French, as Novelcast is the only french company to produce audio fictions, they asked us to dub their programs. The first one was "Alien, out of the shadow", a 10x30min audio series, released in March 2017. Since then we have completed 3 more series."

Why did you use VoiceQ as part of the post production process?

"We looked at a range of options in the market and found that VoiceQ’s 4 step workflow was perfect for dubbing Audible’s Audio Dramas. It became very clear that we would save enormous amounts of time and costs while improving quality of voice acting. For example VoiceQ is saving us up to a 28 Days per annum in the planning and approx. 30% in the translator costs. With VoiceQ we don't require special translators working on classic rythmoband softwares like Mozaic, Joker etc.  Normal translators can learn to use VoiceQ very fast."

How do you use technology to enable collaboration of remote staff?

"I bought the second VoiceQ licence to gain staff flexibility  as I can authorise and manage them on iLOK keys.  In this manner I can propose to my partners to work in different recording booths or at home for free-lance translators. This flexibility allows me to choose the most appropriate recording booth for each program and saves money and reduces the requirement for a huge dubbing studio per project.  With new products VoiceQ Writer and the constant innovations they provide VoiceQ is really a great solution for NovelCast."

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