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Post-Production - Animation

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VoiceQ Pro, VoiceQ Writer

We recently caught up with Sean Patrick O'Reilly | Entreprenuer at Arcana in British Columbia Canada to get his thoughts thoughts on the future of animation and localisation. Sean comments on the importance of intuitive tech for time economy and quality in the animation and publishing sectors.

When was Arcana and Arcanamation founded?

Arcana was formed in 2003 and our animation division, Arcanamation, opened in 2012.

What was the primary driver to set up the business?​

I love creating, especially with a focus on characters.

What are the primary areas of the business?

Storytelling through animation and publishing.​

What are the key workflow problems to solve?

The ‘hand off’ from department to department.

What are the key sector trends driving change?‍

Knowing the rapid advancements in technology and automation. Everything is getting faster, easier and more streamlined and it takes a lot of work to source the paradigm-breaking to the time-wasting.

What are the key consumer trends driving change?

People will pay for what works and integrating simplicity and automation into a pipeline is critical.

What area of localisation is software like VoiceQ of most value?

Without question, Subtitling, Dubbing and ADR.‍

Why did you choose VoiceQ as sustainable solution?

There isn’t a product like this on the marketplace that is as intuitive to use and nothing that is anywhere near as effective.

VoiceQ - Recording / Howard Lovecraft


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