Frequently Asked Questions


Is VoiceQ Cloud avaliable in other languages?

Not currently. If you have a request for a language to add please contact us

Who can use VoiceQ Cloud?

VoiceQ Cloud can be used by a wide range of roles including; Adaptor, Administrator, Audio Engineer, Client, Director, Quality Control, Translator and Writer. We have designed VoiceQ Cloud for two usage categories; Manager and Collaborator VoiceQ Manager is a paid subscription that allows users to upload and download projects and set all management permissions. VoiceQ Collaborator is a free subscription which allows users to receive management permission rights to projects they upload or be designated as a manager by another paid subscription user.

Does VoiceQ Cloud integrate with VoiceQ Native Applications?

Yes, VoiceQ Cloud can sync data with Voice Writer and VoiceQ Pro as required. ​VoiceQ Cloud support has been added to VoiceQ Pro and VoiceQ Writer. Once a user has signed into VoiceQ Cloud via 'VoiceQ>Account>Login' on VoiceQ Pro/writer the user may take advantage of project sharing via the VoiceQ Cloud service.

​If I already have VoiceQ Pro and VoiceQ Writer do I need VoiceQ Cloud?

Yes, VoiceQ Cloud will provide you with real-time global reporting across all applications, ability to centralise projects and a low-cost alternative to purchasing more VoiceQ Writer licences for pre-recording workflows. VoiceQ Cloud does not offer web-based recording but can report on recording completed with VoiceQ Pro native application.

How many VoiceQ Cloud licenses do I need?

We recommend every facility that has VoiceQ Pro/Writer subscribe to at least 1 VoiceQ Manager license. ​We recommend and all team members involved in pre-record workflow subscribe to the FREE VoiceQ Collaborator license


How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel at anytime by heading to the user profile and selecting plan by.

  1. Hover over the user-name on the top right
  2. Click "My Profile" option
  3. Click "Plan" on the left side
  4. Select cancel subscription
When you cancel you may continue to use VoiceQ Cloud as per usual until your billing period ends. We will retain your projects and information for a period of 60+ days incase you wish to return. The data will be archived and locked to any new users, but may still be downloaded to VoiceQ Writer and Pro.

What plan options are available?

There are two plan options, Free plan, Cloud Manager plan and Single Premium on monthly subscription basis. Free plan:

  • Receive unlimited projects
  • Full access to script editor
  • Unlimited collaboration
  • Unable to add new languages/lines
Cloud Manager Plan:
  • Creating new projects
  • 5 GB media storage
  • 10,000 new lines
Single Premium Plan:
  • Creating new projects
  • 10 GB media storage
  • 35,000 new lines
Users can change plan options by following the step below:
  1. Hover over the user-name component on the top right
  2. Click "My Profile" option
  3. Click "Plan" on the left side
For any further inquires about our bundle packs or plan options, please contact us

How do I sign up?

Head to our website & click the sign-up button. You will then receive an activation email from ‘’. Note: Please check spam if there is no email received. Once you receive the email select activate to complete your sign-up.

How do I recover a forgotten password?

Head to our login page and select the option 'Forgot your password'

How do I invite new users to VoiceQ Cloud?

To invite users to join as either a user or collaborator. Simply enter their details in the ‘Contacts’ section by following the steps below:

  1. Select the '+ Add' button on the Contacts view
  2. The user must then enter in the users details they wish to add
  3. Once the information is entered the user may select either th 'Save & close' or 'Add another...' button
All new users will receive an invitation mail, where they can sign-up for an account. User can then see the Invitee has registered via the contacts tab under the ‘Status’ column.

How do I invite users to work on a project?

Users can invite users to collaborate on the projects by following the steps below:

  1. You must first add a contact's details via the contacts section. Open the team section and either select a team or create a new team.
  2. If creating a new team, enter the team name and select ‘+ Add member’. Then select your contact that you have added and select a role for them to be as part of the team. Select a project and press ‘Save’.
  3. The user(s) you invite will get a message via email and will see that they can now work on assigned projects.

Who is charged for project usage and additional lines?

The owner is responsible for all charges incurred by collaborators (free plan users). Any lines added will be billed only if you go over your monthly cap (as viewed in your account settings).

How do I login?

Head to our website & click the login button.


How do I archive a project?

Users can archive projects by follow the step below: 1. Open the project view and select the option menu button ('...') 2. Select 'Archive project' To view an archived project, select 'Archived' in the top right of the projects view in your browser.

How do I add a project from VoiceQ Pro/Write to VoiceQ Cloud?

Users can add projects by following these steps:

  1. Login to your VoiceQ Cloud account ( sign-up if required)
  2. Open VoiceQ Pro/Writer
  3. Sign-in to VoiceQ Cloud via VoiceQ Pro/Writer, select 'VoiceQ>Account' and enter your VoiceQ Cloud credentials
  4. Create a new project on VoiceQ Pro/Writer
  5. Select ‘File>Cloud>Upload project’ and save the project to your local drive
  6. During this process it will save to your local, as well as upload your project to the VoiceQ Cloud Platform
  7. Upon loging to VoiceQ Cloud, the project will be visible under the Recent selection on your overview dashboard

How do I restore a project?

Users can restore projects by following the steps below:

  1. To restore the project select 'Archived' from the top right of the Projects tab
  2. Find the project you wish to restore and select the 'Restore' button
The project will be visible under the main projects tab

How do I rename a project?

If you have a typo or the title of your project has changed you can change the the name of your project.

  • Select the project you wish to change the title of
  • Select the options button '...'
  • Select 'Edit project details'
  • Change the name of the project
  • Select save to confirm changes
Project will appear on the project & overview tab, with the updated details.

Can I add artwork to a project?

Yes, users can select artwork for their projects by following the steps below:

  1. Open the project and select the option menu button ('...')
  2. Select "Set project image"

How do I create a new project on VoiceQ Cloud?

User can create new projects on the cloud by, clicking the 'Projects' tab then
selecting 'New Project'.

Users can then enter the following details:

  • Name - Project name for slection
  • XLS(X)/CSCV/OSD file - Import script in 'xls,xlsx,csv,ods' file format
    • Users must import files with formatting 'Scene/Character/Script/Start time/End time/ Comments'
  • Langauges - User can add languages in this menu. User may add additional languages if required
  • Reference language - User must add a reference language, this can be the original language
  • Frame rate - User must add a frame rate for timing correction
  • Include first row - This check box will allow the user to ommit or keep the first row (often reference row) when importing the script
  • Merge consecutive lines - Users can merge consecutive lines that a character may have
Please note: Only users with an active 'Manager' plan or is associated with a plan holder with an active plan can create project.


How do I create a team?

Users can create new teams by going to the Team tab on VoiceQ Cloud follow the steps below:

  • Select '+ Create' to bring up a pop-over window to add details for the team
  • Enter the users you wish to add (see managing roles)
  • Add the projects you wish to assign to the team (see adding projects to teams)
Once you are done select 'Save'

How do I add a contact to a team?

The user can add a contact to VoiceQ Cloud and then assign them to a team using the "+ add member" in a specific team The user can select the contact in the drop down menu then assign roles and languages to that contact before selecting 'Ok' The user can cancel addition at anytime using the 'Cancel' selection

How do I manage roles in a team?

The Admin/Manager of a team has the ability to manage roles. The owner who originally created the team will have heirachy over other assigned admin roles in the team. The manager can select from a number of roles and some require language assignment to complete comprehensive and correct reports. You can change the permissions or role of a user at anytime in the teams menu.

How do I manage projects in a team?

The Admin/Manager (team owner) can add/remove projects. Any active projects will show in the drop-down menu.

  • You can only select a project if it is not assigned to another team
  • If it is assigned to another team it will show up in grey and cannot be selected

How do I delete a team?

User can delete a team by following the step below:

  1. To delete (remove) a team, just select the trash icon
  2. Please take your time to make your selection as all changes are final


What is a contact?

A contact is someone who you want added to VoiceQ Cloud to work with/on projects in a collaborative environment. When a user is added they are invited to join and become part of your network.

How do I add bulk contacts?

Users can select the button labelled 'Bulk add' Users are then given two options: 1. Enter each email and details of the user they wish to add in the text box given. One email address per line and then other information seperated by commas. or 2. Import a CSV file with all contacts in each row. You may add additional information such as 'First name, last name, address, company.

How do I add a contact?

Users can add new contacts by following the steps below:

  1. Select the '+ Add' button on the Contacts tab
  2. The user must then enter in the users details they wish to add
  3. Once the information is entered the user may select either th 'Save & close' or 'Add another...' button

How do I edit a contact?

Users may edit the contact by clicking the contacts name. Once modifications completed you may select 'Save & close'. To cancle simply press the 'X' button in the top right of the pop-over window.

Do my contacts get an invitation to join VoiceQ Cloud?

Yes, all contacts added receive an invitation email to set up an account, by

Syncing VoiceQ

How do I see my project in VoiceQ Pro/Writer?

On VoiceQ Pro/Writer you can view your projects by doing the following:

  • Select 'File>Cloud>Import project...
  • Select your project from the selection window to load from the server
You may sort the order using the column headers as a guide.

How do I upload my project to Cloud?

You can sync your projects by doing the following:

  • Select 'File>Cloud>Upload project...'
  • Choose the name of your project and then select 'Proceed'
  • You will then be prompted to save your project (we recommend you save each time you upload)
  • Once you synchronize the project you can continue to do so using 'File>Cloud>Sync project...' (Option+Command+S)
Each time you sync it will merge changes from all other users who update. If a line is changed by both users, the last person to update will have their changes added.


What is Groups?

Groups allow users to add multiple projects to be viewed in one space. This is great for seasonal projects that share actors over multiple episodes of Television, miniseries or anime. This option allows managers to see oversight over all projects associated to the group.

How do I create a group?

Users can create groups by going to the Groups tab on VoiceQ cloud and following the steps below:

  1. Select '+ Create' to bring up a pop-over window to add details for the group
  2. In the details window you can add Group name, Projects - Avaliable, Projects - Added
  3. Once you enter the information select 'save'


What is the Collaborator?

The collaborator allows users to work together in a shared environment. All changes made online are final and users can sync the edited projects to and from the native applications (VoiceQ Pro/Writer).

How do I find the collaborator?

Select the project you wish to view/edit and select the button 'Script' in the top right-hand corner of the project page.

How do I add a character?

You can add a character using the character manager. 1. Select the character dropdown menu and select 'Manage Characters' 2. Select '+ Add' button 3. Enter metadata for the character in the pop-over menu 4. Select 'Save & close' button to save the character information

How do I add a line?

You may add a line either before or after the selected line using the options 'Add a line before' and 'Add a line after'. Please note: in the initial release (December 2019) that adding a line will add it at the same timecode as the one selected and users will need to adjust timings in VoiceQ Pro/Writer.

How do I edit the script?

An assigned user may edit their language by selecting it in the drop-down menu of the translation column. If it is a single language project the translation column will not be visible, you may select the text you wish to edit and change in the dialogue column. Once selected the editor can select the line they wish to edit, text changes are final in this release and as such no undo option is currently active. Users can edit start/end times in the script.

Why are some of the options in the script view 'deselected'?

These options are in development and will be released periodically over the next few months to users as the collaborator is completed. We recommend using the native application to edit the projects in detail.


What files may I upload?

How to remove a media file?

Users may remove or replace a video by selecting 'Remove media' from the media menu located in the lower right of the media window.

How long does it take to upload a file?

Typically a 20-30 minute video takes around 10-15 minutes to upload. Users can upload media and leave the project to upload once the initial upload is completed. Once the itnitial upload is made the video will encode on our server for viewing.

How do I use a video URL in the Collaborator?

Users can now use privately hosted video files from a DIRECT url. Files must be hosted on a html link which can be a direct link via a IP address. Here is a test URL for you to use in any project:

Can I use picture in picture?

Yes, select the PIP icon in the lower right hand corner of the video window.

Team Roles