Find out how we protect your assets and run security on our platforms.

MacOS security

MacOS applications are designed for use on 10.9+. All macOS applications are protected by Apple Notarization.


iLok License Manager is used to protect our software. Activation to a computer, the iLok USB Smart Key, or the iLok Cloud, requires an Internet connection. The iLok Cloud requires a constant Internet connection while the licensed software runs. Users may transfer licenses or allocated them via their own accounts.


All of our servers are within our own virtual private cloud (VPC) with network access control lists (ACL’s) that prevent unauthorized requests getting to our internal network. We have data encryption in TRANSIT, meaning all our data in the database, underlying storage, backups, replicas and snapshots are encrypted.

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security technology that gives our clients the option to keep their accounts secure. We implemented it across VoiceQ Cloud using an email system for accessing the application. Please note: MFA is not available in some European territories.


VoiceQ Cloud is a private content platform. Your content is only available to whom you decide is on your team and whom you share it with. It will not be used for anything except the explicit purpose of your use.

Trusted, compliant cloud

AWS provides services that help you protect your data, accounts, and workloads from unauthorized access.

Automated timeout

When a user leaves their browser open it can be vulnerable in the wrong hands. Our system logs the user out after user inactivity and requires the user to login.

Network security

Our firewalls allow access only to traffic we expect, and our platform is protected by built-in AWS safeguards (see AWS Network Security).

Top rated SSL

VoiceQ Cloud uses Qualys SSL ratings systems to assess our security ratings. Our site recently scored an "A" rating for security. Please note: That ratings may differ depending on our protocol support.

General security

Phishing is used by cybercriminals pretending to be a legitimate website or person. Their goal is to get you to disclose sensitive personal information, such as usernames, passwords and credit cards, or install malware by inviting you to visit fraudulent websites or click on links in emails and messages.

Please use caution when opening suspicious emails or clicking on links or visiting web pages if you think the message may be fake or coming from an untrustworthy sender.

- Only use your log-in credentials on VoiceQ Cloud's official website(s) –

If you suspect someone is impersonating VoiceQ support or sales, please contact us and we’ll verify the authenticity of the message or website.

Be aware of warning signs of a typical phishing message:

  • Offer seems too good to be true
  • Return sender information is not an or email address
  • Message is not addressed to you personally
  • Message contains spelling errors or grammar mistakes
  • Message asks for your personal or financial information

Kiwa Digital/VoiceQ is proud to have an engaged and aware community of customers and users around the world. We appreciate your vigilance and help in keeping you, VoiceQ and our entire community safe from cyber threats.

Does the use of VoiceQ Applications cause a breach to TPN Assessment?

No, as per MPA guidelines, use of VoiceQ applications do not breach TPN assessment. Cloud-hosted systems and servers are strictly prohibited without the advanced written consent of content owners. Therefore the use of VoiceQ Cloud services may require the approval of the content owner before storing data in the cloud, etc.

Whitelisting VoiceQ Cloud servers

Web access

To allow access to VoiceQ Servers we made it simple.

  1. Allow access to
  2. Your administrator should allow this site access with open access to all extensions from this URL.

For AWS permissions please use:


Please note: the extension via AWS is not private (https) as we add our privacy certification once the user clicks through via a browser and is unique to each user.

S3 access

There is no public access to our S3 servers due to the level of security we have operating on the system. All access is managed by our internal security servers which allows us to encrypt all data stored both database project (script/character data) and media files uploaded to our servers.


You need to allow emails to/from - this will allow you to receive emails from our system for MFA access, password rests, assignment to teams, general support and other automated emails from our systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I open “VoiceQ Project 3.0” format with older series and versions of VoiceQ?

No, VoiceQ 6.1.0 will be the first version ever to export in the “VoiceQ Project 3.0” format. Users wishing to open projects created in “VoiceQ Project 3.0” format will need to upgrade to version 6.1+. Users can choose which format to save in if they wish to send the project to a user on an older version. If you are having loading issues from external drives or cloud drives we recommend using the new “VoiceQ Project 3.0“ file format over the legacy “VoiceQ Project 2.0” file format.

Can i connect VoiceQ via midi to pro tools on windows?

You may run VoiceQ on a mac and connect it to Pro tools on windows but it will require a hardware MIDI connection or third party application to run successfully. We do not recommend it, but it is possible to use it in this configuration.

Download rtpMIDI and set it up just like the macOS set-up guide you may view on Setting up your studio.

Does the use of VoiceQ Applications cause a breach to TPN Assessment?

No, as per MPA guidelines, use of VoiceQ applications do not breach TPN assessment. Cloud-hosted systems and servers are strictly prohibited without the advanced written consent of content owners. Therefore the use of VoiceQ Cloud services may require the approval of the content owner before storing data in the cloud, etc.

How do I cancel or suspend my license?

To cancel or suspend your license please fill our cancellation form to confirm with our sales staff. Please note that you must provide us with at least 10 days prior notice before your cancellation request will become effective.

VoiceQ will generally offer refunds for any purchase within the previous 30 days, to any customer who accidentally purchased the wrong product or discovered after purchasing that the product did not work as expected. A service fee may be deducted where our payments provider refuses to refund their own fees.

How do I connect VoiceQ to Pro Tools?

You can connect VoiceQ via MIDI using an in-built IAC or share a connection over a network to another device. To learn more visit Setting up your studio.

How do I upgrade a license(s)?

To upgrade your license, you can contact our support team or If you wish to move from an monthly to annual you can cancel your current term and purchase a new license via our purchase portal.

How does VoiceQ Cloud licensing work?

1. Clients have the ability to tag in and out different users in Cloud. We can allocate you a large volume of licenses to add as many adaptors/users as desired and the manager of the cloud projects can review the teams that each time milestones are completed.

2. Cloud manager gives the project owners piece of mind by controlling who sees and can edit what on projects via our team’s system.

3. Users need to register to confirm their identity and then they can access and edit projects.

4. Volume can be monitored by VoiceQ Cloud managers.

5. Owners of VoiceQ writer on MacOS can easily access projects in the application and stream the media directly into the system without the need to share scripts and media files.

I receive a MIDI error in VoiceQ upon playback. How do I fix this?

This can be caused by two variables:

1. Check MIDI beat clock is set to the correct port in ProTools. The Beat Clock controls Playback and often is the cause of this issue. Navigate to 'Setup>MIDI>MIDI Beat Clock...'

2. In the Transport window or Synchronisation options via the transport, you need to select 'GEN MTC'. Once activated both PT and VQ will be in Sync.

Is VoiceQ Writer a cloud based system or native install on a local workstation?

• VoiceQ Writer is a MacOS application, however, we created VoiceQ Cloud as a windows friendly, and cloud-based equivalent.

• VoiceQ Writer (and Pro and Actor) fully integrate with VoiceQ Cloud

• VoiceQ Cloud replicates much but not all of the Mac OS functionality, it does provide advanced project management, collaboration, and reporting functionality

• Voice Cloud is available in 2 forms Manager and Collaborator, the former can set permissions while the latter receives permissions

Recommended MIDI hardware?

We recommend any general USB midi interface including the iConnectivity Mio2, Nektar MIDIFLEX4 or the mioXC. We strongly recommend using a Network interface but if one is not available to use then feel free to use hardware.

What do I need to start VoiceQ?

Users will need to sign up and register for an iLok account to use our products. Select the link to register your details and create a user name. Users will then need to download the ilok manager application and follow the installation process. Select the link to download the latest ilok Manager.

​Once you have installed the application you need to open it and log in to save your details.

What is VoiceQ Project 3.0?

The new file format is a “VoiceQ Project 3.0 file” which securely contains all project data. It is designed to be more efficient and easier for the application to access than the legacy “VoiceQ Project 2.0 ” file format. If you save a VoiceQ project in the new “VoiceQ Project 3.0“ file format you will witness faster load times from external drives and local devices. You will see faster load times, consistent media connection and increased stability when working across multiple devices such as Avid Nexis and Enterprise servers. Our apple silicon version also uses “VoiceQ Project 3.0” as its default to future-proof projects.

Where do I download VoiceQ software?

New users can download VoiceQ software from our downloads/releases page. You will need to select the version you have purchased a license for. Please note that you will alos need to select the correct application based on the OS you plan to use.

Will a Cloud Manager account allow me to do the adaptation?    

Yes, Cloud manager allows for project creation, sharing, editing and adaption all online.