Content for Actors

Access demo projects for use with VoiceQ Actor

Projects you may use:

1. Setting up iLok Registration for VoiceQ

Users will need to sign up and register for an iLok account to use our products. Select the link to register your details and create a user name.

Be sure to save your ilok ID as it will be required when opening your VoiceQ application.

Register iLok

2. Downloading iLok Manager for VoiceQ

Users will need to download the ilok manager application and follow the installation process. Select the link to download the latest ilok Manager.​

Once you have installed the application you need to open it and log in to save your details.

Download iLok licence manager

3. Managing multiple iLok accounts for VoiceQ

If you are managing multiple iLok accounts and need help sorting out a backend management system, please feel free to contact our team to get started with managing licenses.

Contact us

4. Trialling or Purchasing VoiceQ

Users will then need to either sign up for a trial of their chosen product or purchase a product from our purchase portal.

Once paid the user will then receive confirmation of a license deposit to their ilok (used in registration) via email.

The user will then need to open iLok Manager and drag the license to either their device, ilok key USB or assign it to ilok Cloud to use the applications.

iLok license Manager main window

Once assigned the user will need to confirm the license activation and select 'OK'

Confirmation of activation (iLok manager)

5. Downloading VoiceQ

Users will need to download the application from the VoiceQ Releases portal and get started.

Once the download is completed you will have a .DMG file. Open the DMG file and drag the 'VoiceQ Application' to your applications folder.

We have included a demo project for you to view in the DMG as well as example scripts to use in your projects.

DMG installer
6. Implementing VoiceQ

We have a variety of implementation support tools for new users. This included; detailed user guides and getting started tutorial videos located in our Support Portal.

For advanced implementation explore our Hack series.

When opening VoiceQ feel free to sign into VoiceQ Cloud. If you do not have a VoiceQ Cloud account or would like to add one feel free to sign-up on the VoiceQ Cloud website. If the user does not wish to sign up they may opt to deselect the 'Show login window automatically' checkbox option.

Welcome window (VoiceQ Actor)
7. Training Certification for VoiceQ

Users can opt for a range of certified courses via Udemy which provides guided online video courses. These include certifications for Adaptors, Directors, Engineers and Actors.