The Skills Behind the Scenes of Squid Game

February 1, 2022

The Skills Behind the Scenes of Squid Game

Amid all of the Squid Game buzz, there’s been controversy around the dubbing and subtitles.

In a recent interview in Slate magazine, veteran voice actor Greg Chunn who voiced the character Seong Gi-hun, paid tribute to the quality of the script adaption despite the challenges for adaptors.

“I work on a good number of Korean shows, but my actual Korean is still fairly basic and not really of much use when it comes to the more nuanced aspects of the language. But I can imagine whoever is doing the translation has got a crazy difficult job.

“I mean, there are words in Korean, and any language for that matter, for which there isn’t really a direct translation into English. And I would think that trying to come up with a translation for that word that somehow has the same number of syllables and a similar vowel shape when spoken so that it somehow matches up with the on-camera actor’s performance is damn near impossible.”

Fortunately, adaptors and actors working on the English dubbing of Squid Games had the benefit of working with VoiceQ, with the project successfully managed by VoiceQ client VSI International in Los Angeles.

Read more here about how VoiceQ enables high quality voice synchronisation here: https://slate.com/culture/2021/10/squid-game-voice-actor-greg-chun-dubbing-gi-hun-into-english.html

And check out the skills required to be a VoiceQ adaptor in this recruitment ad for VSI inn London,

British English Adaptors We are looking for experienced British English Adaptors to work on an array of exciting lip-sync dubbing projects.

Experience with VoiceQ or willingness to embrace the challenge and learn the software desirable. MacOS is required for VoiceQ.



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