VoiceQ is Free for Voiceover Performers, And Here’s Why We’re Doing It

May 27, 2022

VoiceQ is Free for Voiceover Performers, And Here’s Why We’re Doing It

It’s an incredible time to be a voiceover performer – especially one who has discovered the huge opportunities available in dubbing and localization.

While many voice actors have focused their careers on animation or narration, two fields that are also booming, the rise of streaming has led to more content from more countries that needs more dubbing.

Twenty years ago, the amount of content was dictated by the number of channels and the constraints of linear programming. That finite world was rich with possibilities for voice performers, but times have certainly changed.

Even with all of these opportunities, many voice artists are just discovering the opportunities open to them in dubbing – and many more who have recently entered the field are still learning the process and techniques.

VoiceQ is proud to have become one of the most quickly and widely adopted technology solutions in dubbing. Today, we’re used by more than 300 of the top dubbing and sound studios around the world. One of the primary reasons VoiceQ has been adopted so quickly and so widely is its ease of use – VoiceQ makes the complicated process of preparing for and delivering a quality voice-dubbing performance easier, faster and more focused on creativity.

At its core, VoiceQ is “karaoke for dubbing.” Think of how easy it is to sing along with a karaoke track, even if you’re not entirely sure of the music or don’t have the lyrics memorized. It’s the same with VoiceQ. Instead of trying to shift focus from a paper or digital tablet in front of them up to the screen and back while delivering lines, an actor can focus entirely on the screen – and on delivering a voice performance that fits the original-language performance.

With VoiceQ, “I am able to do some things that I’ve never been able to do before,” says voice performer Michael Pizzuto. “In the past, I was using papers and sitting down, as opposed to being able to interact with my body and get up there. When you’re sitting down and you’re looking at a piece of paper and you’re trying to look up and trying to match the mouth and trying to read at the same time, your body becomes very stiff and you’re unable to really get into it as an actor. One of the things I love about VoiceQ is that you’re able to look at the screen and be there, standing up in front of the microphone, just giving your all.”

We’ve heard so many stories of performers saying their work has been transformed by VoiceQ – and that they wish they had known about VoiceQ earlier.

Hearing that over and over again led us to an idea: What if we connected more performers with VoiceQ and gave actors around the globe the opportunity to learn the VoiceQ system even before they stepped into a recording booth? By offering the chance to practice using VoiceQ in the comfort of their own homes, they’d be able to focus even more on their performance and worry less about the technical side of the software.

That’s why, earlier this year, we introduced an offer to give any voice performer free access to VoiceQ Actor, our software program specifically designed for performance. And by free, we mean exactly that:


Through February 2023, we’ll provide access to VoiceQ Actor to any performer who registers with their name and email address. The only possible “catch” is that VoiceQ Actor is designed for use on the MacOS. Obviously, we hope everyone who signs up will want to continue their subscription after February 2023, but there’s no obligation. We’re not even asking for a credit card.

We want as many voice performers as possible to discover the ease and flexibility of VoiceQ – and to open up the world of dubbing to even more actors, even if they’ve never delivered a dubbing performance… yet.

VoiceQ believes in the power of language localization and dubbing to break through the world’s language barriers – just as we believe that when more people around the world can share the entertainment and stories created in different languages, our cultural appreciation grows even deeper. Because voice performances are the key to dubbing, we hope that bringing VoiceQ to more and more performers will help our industry… and audiences around the world.

Sign up for a free subscription of VoiceQ (through February 2023) and learn more here … and feel free to share this offer with anyone you know who may be interested!

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