Bonus Round For Experience with VoiceQ

August 20, 2021

Bonus Round For Experience with VoiceQ

It’s exciting to see a surge of interest in VoiceQ trained production managers, directors, engineers, and adaptors right now.

As consumer demand accelerates, and production ramps up, studios are keen to bring on qualified experts – and VoiceQ fits the bill.

Dubbing Production Manager at IYUNO-SDI Los Angeles,  Producer Interactive at Liquid Violet a Keywords Studio, Project Manager at Descriptive Video Works a Keywords Studio, and Senior Audio Engineerwith VSI International Group are justSenior Audio Engineer with VSI International Group are just some of the high-profile positions calling for VoiceQ expertise. Check them out.

We are here to support our superstars. The VoiceQ team recognizes the importance of continual upskilling and is committed to supporting our global whānau (family) with customizable training at beginner through to advanced level.

Here are some of the courses available.


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