For London-Based Adrenaline Studios, VoiceQ is ‘Alpha and Omega’ for Dubbing Projects

July 8, 2022

For London-Based Adrenaline Studios, VoiceQ is ‘Alpha and Omega’ for Dubbing Projects

Time is of the essence on any dubbing and localization project – but time has become increasingly valuable given the growth of streaming and the massive number of TV shows and films it has brought to the global market.

More and more recording studios are turning to VoiceQ to help them manage the workflow, increase technical accuracy, improve engineering processes, and generate higher-quality results that will please both clients and, ultimately, viewers around the globe. For London-based Adrenaline, VoiceQ now plays “a pivotal role in both our creative and technical workflows,” says founder and CEO John Harley. “You could say it is alpha and omega in terms of a project moving through our studios.” From the moment a dubbing project arrives to the moment it’s delivered back to the client, both VoiceQ Pro and VoiceQ Writer are instrumental to Adrenaline’s process. “The first thing we do when assets come through the door is open them up in VoiceQ,” John explains. “We check the accuracy of the dialogue lists, both in terms of creative and technical.” This helps ensure that Adrenaline can plan timing perfectly. By obtaining word and loop counts for each character in a project, VoiceQ helps Adrenaline’s managers assign actors and develop a precise day count for when to book each actor. Using VoiceQ Writer, Adrenaline adapts the script, and the resulting file provides a master “control document,” which John says “is used to both manage the project and to chart the recording, sync and mixing process.” VoiceQ Pro allows scripts to be updated and revised with any final, in-studio adaptation changes, which leads to an “As Recorded Script,” a critical document that is delivered to the end client along with the audio assets.

Throughout the process, Voice Q is an integral – and fully integrated – tool that John says offers enormous flexibility. “There are so many useful aspects to VoiceQ – whether it be the simple ‘Split Lines’ tick-box upon import, which allows us to begin with a far more granular script immediately, speeding up the process massively.” An array of customizable reports can be generated from within the VoiceQ app, he adds, and script export options include subtitle all the way down to Netflix-specific formats.

With such a flexible, customizable product purpose-built for dubbing and localization, you might imagine John would have difficulty finding a single word to describe VoiceQ, but he says that’s easy: “Essential.”

Adrenaline “simply could not achieve the levels of efficiency required to run our busy dubbing studios across two continents were it not for VoiceQ.”

VoiceQ is proud of its association with Adrenaline, and is eager to help every dubbing studio meet its unique needs.

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