Release: March 2018

Support Release: May 2018

Build Number: VoiceQ Pro 3.8.2

For users without iLok: VoiceQ Pro 3.8.2 Special


Update Notes


This update release provides enhanced performance and usability improvements as well as workflow improvements.




  • Preference profiles: Users can import/export and save user created preference profiles. This is great for users who switch workstations and require their set-up personalised.

  • Snapshots:Auto-save functionality returns in the form of Snapshots. Users can select when the project is saved and how many back-ups they require. This can be found under the Misc. options in preferences.

  • Merge Scenes: Users can now merge scenes. Simply collapse all scenes and select two or more to merge them into one.

  • Merge Lines: Users can now merge lines of the same character. Once merged the lines will be separated by a gap to retain current timing settings.

  • Done line options: Users can select multiple lines and select them as done and/or deselect done lines.

  • MIDI Reset: A MIDI reset button has been added to the DAW menu. This is for users who experience issues with Pro Tools connectivity.

  • Character sorting: Users can sort scene characters now for faster sorting of timeline lines. This also affects the character selection dropdown in the script view.

  • Percentage rating (Auto-Sync): Adds a percentage rating and bar to Auto-Sync. This allows user to see how many lines are left to sync. 

  • Pop-up window quick keys: Users can press return to select 'OK' and click esc key to select 'Cancel'. This allows for faster integration and workflow.

  • Character selection simplification: Users can now select character filtering quicker with a new dropdown menu. Users can also op out of the tick box design of the current character selection in Preferences>Behaviours>Character Editor by selecting it to filter based on selection.

  • Subtitle support: New formats are now compatible with Voice

  • Import EBU SEF (.stl)

  • Import SMPTE TTS (.dfxp, .ttml, .xml)...

  • New shortcut key to quickly move lines: Holding 'Shift+Command' and dragging with the mouse on the timeline allows users to push lines forward or back changing postions quicker and more efficiently.

  • Video Export: Users can now export by selecting a scene in the export window.

  • Report Builder: Character description added to report builder menu.

  • Core video display timer: Under 'Global>Experimental', This feature can support smoother playback of the rythmoband when using the default media window.




  • Large text editing issue: Issue when entering text in large line formats caused significant performance issues.

  • Text wrapping: Issue when viewing large script lines in the drop down script selection.

  • Blackmagic device / Open GL output: Improvements around font handling. If a font is not specified, text may appear unreadable. Selecting a font will remove the issue around un-readable or pixelated text.

  • MIDI compatibility issues: Fixed a sync issue for some users.

  • Fixed an issue where the Advanced Export would not correctly appear upon selection. (OSX 10.9)

  • Cantonese support: Cantonese words can be separated automatically.

  • Non-English script in MS Word file import: Fixed a bug dropping all non-English text.

  • Smaller Toolbar: The size of main toolbar became smaller to populate more important content.

  • Fixed an issue where merging a scene would not include scene characters.

  • Line snapping: An issue causing line-snapping to stop functioning has been resolved.

  • Play head positioning: An issue causing play head position to appear off-screen has been resolved.

  • DAW Issues: Fixed a bug that could cause out of synch with DAWs under certain studio configurations.

  • General macOS 10.13 compatibility testing: Please note we have tested this version up until macOS 10.13.4. As Apple rolls out further updates we will continue to support with newer versions of VoiceQ.



If users open project files with the latest VoiceQ, the older versions of VoiceQ may not be able to open the updated project files.

MacOS 10.13 users need to 'Save as...' projects if previously built on MacOS 10.12 or lower. VoiceQ will then restart and users can use the updated file.