Technically, ReWire connection is inferior to MIDI, though it might be easier to set up.

VoiceQ Licensee – Rewire Update


Official notification of no support for ReWire after VoiceQ series 4.6.0

If you are using ReWire continue to use it, however, we will be limited in our ability to provide technical support. For the following reasons we recommend MIDI and will support your transition ;

  1. Accuracy - Every MIDI packet is delivered with a very accurate timestamp which VoiceQ can synchronize with and DAW-based on the timestamp.  ReWire does not offer the timestamp

  2. Application launch order - MIDI does not require a specific order of launching applications. In contrast, ReWire does require a specific order, if a user doesn’t follow the order, the user must restart all the related applications.

  3. Standard Protocol - MIDI is a standard protocol, in contrast, ReWire is not a standard protocol. MIDI comes with the system whereas ReWire must be installed separately.

  4. Configuration - MIDI is a machine application-wise configuration, so once it is set up, it is easier to use. IN contrast, ReWire needs to be configured for every session.

  5. Updates - Under Apple’s tightened Mac security policy, it will increasingly difficult to update and to distribute the ReWire plug-in. Future-proofing for ReWire appears weak.

You may still use ReWire, but we won’t be able to provide further technical support.