What is VoiceQ Actor?


VoiceQ actor is an application designed for voice talent to record their lines remotely away from the studio. The voice talent record lines sent from a content provider using VoiceQ Pro or Writer using a home studio. The Voice Actor then sends the content provider an outputted OMF file to use in the final cut in the studio. Alternately VoiceQ Actor can be used as a practising tool for actors to get a feel of their character before they arrive in the studio reducing studio costs and recording time.


Features of VoiceQ Actor


Recording within VoiceQ:


  • Recording: Users can record a line over and over until they have the perfect take. Users can limit how many takes are stored before they are removed from the application
  • Pre-Roll: Users can set a Pre-roll to start before a recording
  • Post-Roll: Users can set a Pre-roll to start before a recording
  • Recording Start: Users can opt to start recording before pre-roll to capture dialogue or lead-ins
  • Delete and Save audio: Users can view saved audio files in the project and review each file within VoiceQ
  • Export AAF files: This is for engineers or other users to use in popular DAW applications such as Pro Tools and Logic X


Input selection - Users can select which input they prefer to use (For microphone/mixer selection)

Output selection - Users can select which output they prefer to use (For mixer selection)

Familiar VoiceQ features - Beeps, Scrolling Digital Rythmoband ect.

VoiceQ Actor

Price Options
Annual option
$199.00yearly/ auto-renew
  • Please view our End-User License Agreement (EULA) for details and terms of use: End-User License Agreement (EULA)