• Intel® Mac running Mac OS X 10.13+

  • Intel® Core i5, i7 processor

  • 8gb or more of RAM

  • Internet connection for installation

  • Network connection for MIDI over WIFI/Ethernet

  • 100mb disk space for installation

  • USB 2/3 port for iLok authorization

  • Display with 1080p resolution or higher


  • Intel® Mac with Mac OS X 10.9.5/10.10.5/10.11.5/10.12/10.13.x (Minimum 10.10.5 required to use with Blackmagic Device)

  • Intel® Core i3, i5, i7 processor,Intel® Core 2 Duo, Intel® Xeon

  • Minimum 4GB RAM (8GB or more recommended for larger videos)

  • Minimum 1GB free disk space for general usage

  • Minimum 2GB Video RAM

  • Internet connection for installation

  • Network connection for MIDI over WIFI/Ethernet

  • USB-port for iLok 2/3 authorisation

  • Display with 1280-by-768 resolution or higher

Supported Apple Devices:

  • Mac Pro: Mac Pro 6,1 / Mac Pro 5,1 / Mac Pro 1,1

  • iMac: iMac 18,x / 17,1 / 15,x / 14, x / 13, x 

  • Mac mini: Mac mini 7,1 / 6,2

  • Mac Book Pro: Mac Book Pro 14,x / 13,x / 12,x / 11,x / 10,x / 9,x

  • Mac Book Air: Mac Book Air 7,2 / 6,x


iLok 2.0/3.0


  • MIDI Devices

    • VoiceQ uses Apple’s Core MIDI functionality and works with most MIDI interfaces supported under OSX. VoiceQ has been officially tested for use with:

      • Avid Mbox Mini family Products, Avid Mbox Pro family Products, USB MIDI DUO

  • Jog Wheels

    • The recommended Jog Wheel hardware is the ShuttleXpress and ShuttlePro series provided by Contour Design Inc. and is available in most countries. Other configurable jog wheel hardware products for Apple Mac may also be compatible.

  • Blackmagic Design Intensity

    • Intensity Shuttle and Intensity Extreme lets you capture and playback in the most incredible quality HDMI and component analog video in both SD and HD.


AVID Pro Tools® (legacy versions)

  • VoiceQ works with any external Pro Tools system, via a MIDI Interface, irrespective of whether it is on a Windows or MacOS based platform.

  • VoiceQ is compatible with any version of Pro Tools where separate machines are used.

  • When using Pro Tools and VoiceQ on the same machine, the minimum Pro Tools version is Pro Tools 11.1.0 64-bit.

AVID Pro Tools® 12

AVID Pro Tools® 2018


Apple Logic Pro® 

iLok License Manager

  • Required for use with the VoiceQ software to access product.

  • Required for use with iLok 2.0/3.0 USB


  • Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. CSV "comma-separated values" (.csv) files.

  • Microsoft Word XML Format DOC "Document file" (.docx, .doc) files.

  • Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. XLS "XML-based spreadsheet" (.xls, xlsx) files.

  • Default text editor TXT "text files and binary files" (.txt) files.

  • SubRip Files SRT Subtitle file (.srt) files.

  • Final Draft FDX Final draft script (.fdx) files.


We dedicate significant engineering resources and time to test and qualify specific platform configurations. While other systems may operate without problems, please understand we can provide better support if you choose to use a tested and qualified system.