Safe & Secure

Website and asset security is our top priority

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Your data is 256-bit HTTPS encrypted in transit (when people access it) and at rest (when it sits unaccessed), across the whole platform.


VoiceQ Cloud is a private content platform. Your content is only available to whom you decide is on your team and whom you share it with. It will not be used for anything except the explicit purpose of your use.

Trusted, compliant cloud

AWS provides services that help you protect your data, accounts, and workloads from unauthorized access.

Automated timeout

When a user leaves their browser open it can be vulnerable in the wrong hands. Our system logs the user out after 10 minutes of inactivity and requires the user to login.

Network security

Our firewalls allow access only to traffic we expect, and our platform is protected by built-in AWS safeguards (see AWS Network Security).

Top rated SSL

VoiceQ Cloud scored an "A" rating for security on Qualys SSL ratings systems.

Frequently asked questions

Trusted Partner Network

To ensure all parties are full briefed on the status and requirements we have put together the following FAQs. Who is TPN?

  • The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) is a new, global, industry-wide film and television content protection initiative. The TPN program helps companies prevent leaks, breaches, and hacks of their customers’ movies and television shows prior to their intended release; and seeks to raise security awareness, preparedness and capabilities within our industry.
What is TPN Facility Assessment?
  • TPN facility assessments are performed independently, onsite or remote by TPN certified staff.
  • Assessment must be renewed every 12 months.
  • Assessment is independent of VoiceQ.
What are the benefits for vendors in the TPN program?
  • Reduce the number of assessments conducted at each facility annually.
  • Reduce the number of different controls used by various content owners.
  • Create competitive, market-driven assessment pricing.
  • Accelerate assessment report turn-around.
  • Offer controls that are specific to the needs and workflows of specific vendor types.
  • Assist in identifying vulnerabilities and communicate remediation through the TPN Platform.
  • Allow vendors to promote their security preparedness.
What are TPN Native and Cloud Application Certifications?
  • These do not exist and are still pending release. Exact date to be advised later in 2020.
  • VoiceQ has formally approached TPN and advised them of interest in completing assessments when they become available.
  • What could cause the cancellation of a TPN facility certification?
  • Failure to renew a TPN assessment after 12 months.
  • Not following best practice as listed in Motion Picture Association (MPA) best practice guidelines.

Does the use of VoiceQ Applications cause a breach to TPN Assessment?

  • No, as per MPA guidelines, use of VoiceQ applications do not breach TPN assessment.
  • Cloud-hosted systems and servers are strictly prohibited without the advanced written consent of content owners.
  • Therefore the use of VoiceQ Cloud services may require the approval of the content owner before storing data in the cloud, etc.

How secure is VoiceQ Cloud?

  • All shared projects are private by default.
  • Accessing a private share requires a user to have a VoiceQ Cloud account and be invited to view your shared project.
  • The project(s) associated with a user can only be viewed by users that an Administrator, Manager or Project Owner may authorize.
  • Direct file access is protected behind the following security measures;
  1. The URL cannot be guessed and all filenames are obfuscated,

  2. Images uploaded are stored on a Cloudinary account,

  3. View how image data is stored via Cloudinary image uploads.

Read on for more detailed information on Voice Cloud Security

Are there any TPN assessed facilities using VoiceQ Cloud?

  • Yes, there are several VoiceQ licences with TPN certified facilities in the US, UK and NZ.