Working remotely with VoiceQ Actor

Remote working has become the new normal across the media localisation sector in these trying times.

In response, we have developed and continue to develop workflows that combine the best of native and cloud technology to meet the needs of end-users and stakeholders.

Our latest development comes in the form of VoiceQ Actor, a lite version of VoiceQ designed for users to record directly into the app without the use of a DAW (Digital audio workstation). Users select their role (character) to record and can then easily record takes one-by-one using our simple selection interface. VoiceQ Actor can be purchased for as low as $99usd for a 6 month term, our most affordable application to date.

Any supported microphone can be used to record and the app works on any mac that supports 10.9 or above.

Below is a workflow diagram for working using VoiceQ Actor from separate locations across the globe or even locally in the same studio.


  1. The voice actor downloads and follows instructions from our ACTORS tutorial.

  2. The voice actor receives the project file and watermarked video to record into VoiceQ.

  3. Once opened the Director can join the recording session via a screen sharing application.

  4. Once completed the actor can export a .AAF file to send to the director and engineer with. timeline placement of each take at the correct point it was recorded in VoiceQ Actor.


  • Director can control the session using an approved screen sharing application

  • Voice Actor records themselves using own device offline and sends the files to Engineer.

For more information on VoiceQ Actor or to purchase a license, check out our detailed pages on our website.

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