Spider-Men? VoiceQ's innovative changes to dubbing

Hollywood films have always dazzled people. Their big-budget appeal and universal themes transcend culture and geography, with technicolour superhero movies typifying these Herculean narratives. But the traditional barrier to worldwide enjoyment of Hollywood movies remains language. Without audio dubbed for local ears, moviegoers cannot enjoy the experience as much.

With Voice Q technology, these barriers are removed. Now movies can be dubbed anywhere, giving the Hollywood blockbuster a thousand different voices. This makes it possible for roles usually reserved for English-speaking Hollywood actors to be tackled by anyone, an opportunity actors worldwide are embracing.

More than one man behind the mask

Hindi actor Tiger Shroff has been given the chance to play one of his all-time heroes; the titular webslinger in the upcoming ''Spider-Man: Homecoming'' film. But you won't see him soaring through New York on screens worldwide – instead, Shroff is lending his voice to the Hindi dubbing of the movie, with the excitement of entering the Marvel Universe already getting him thinking ahead.

"Growing up, I've dreamt of playing Spider-Man and the dream remains. If there is another Spider-Man movie, I want to be in it," said Shroff according to the Mumbai Mirror.

Instead of trying to directly translate the English script into fluent Hindi, Shroff was afforded creative control to edit his dialogue.

"It's not as if I had to say the exact same words that Spider-Man did. I could improvise with the translation and then match them to his expressions."

This opportunity for greater creativity and flexibility with the script during dubbing is key to the ethos of Voice Q technology, and is a feature prominent in the newly upgraded system.

How Voice Q has changed the industry

Developed in New Zealand 14 years ago, the Voice Q system has taken a central role in leading major shifts in the dubbing industry, transplanting traditional processes into the digital realm to create a process truly accessible and customisable. This has greatly shortened average project completion time, but also given operators flexibility and comprehensive control in using the program from any location.

Voice Q also introduced profound changes in real-time script editing for dubbing; with it, script dialogue can be edited seamlessly to incorporate changes of meaning during translation, allowing local actors to engage with the creative process and truly naturalise their dialogue. Now, multiple dubs of Hollywood hits can exist worldwide, each with their own uniquely local feel.

Give yourself a voice

Voice Q has been a lightning rod of change for dubbing technology, bringing Hollywood to a global market and keeping it there. With it, local film industries now have the chance to re-imagine dialogue in their own tongue and embrace it as truly localised. Spider-Man will certainly not be the only movie hero going forward getting a voice makeover, with the dubbing industry's evolution steadily making Hollywood movies a global experience supported locally. Chat with our team today to find out how Voice Q can give your project a voice of its own.






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