3 ways dubbing software enhances the traditional rythmoband

Dubbing is going digital, with software like VoiceQ Pro finally set to turn the tide on traditional Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) processes.

However, noting what has made ADR traditionally so integral to media around the world is important to improving the capabilities of digital software. The rythmoband method, still popular in France and Italy, is an excellent dubbing tool, despite its complexity. VoiceQ Pro integrates the positives of this process with digital capabilities, affording users unrivaled ease in fulfilling their dubbing project. Here are just three of the ways our dubbing software enhances the traditional rythmoband.

Flexibility and portability

Production Manager at post-production software company KIWA Digital Jordan Koziol-Repia was integral to improving VoiceQ Pro's contemporary capabilities. Aiming to make this dubbing software as accessible as possible was key, with Jordan claiming "you can run the software with ProTools, Logic Pro X and many other digital audio workstations."

'Voice Q has adapted French rythmoband processes for Western abilities into a MacOS application, changing the layout to more like karaoke for voice actors.''

Ensuring that you can work on your project on the go, and separate from costly and limiting studio equipment, was also key – ''VoiceQ has adapted French rythmo band processes for Western abilities into an IOS or PC application, changing the layout to more like karaoke for voice actors.''

Value and authenticity

Using this karaoke method pays real dividends when it comes to voice performances. Using VoiceQ Pro, actors can view their dialogue as it scrolls past on the screen and customise the font and pace to suit their own style. With this more intuitive method, actors can focus on adding authenticity and drama to their delivery. Jordan was proud to assert that ''studios we've worked with have reported a 20-30 per cent time decrease on production when using VoiceQ over a script method.''

Less time on each take equals greater opportunity to deliver a winning vocal performance.

It's not quite like karaoke – but Voice Q Pro does adapt and enhance rythmoband processes to make them more user friendly.

Quality digital editing on the go

A key concern in dubbing is finding ways for actors to interpret their script and authentically translate between different languages. While traditional methods like the rythmoband require pauses to edit the script, VoiceQ Pro allows users to do this on the go. The software's digital memory also allows storage of multiple vocal performances on one piece of video.

Jordan was especially excited about this – ''You can keep the start and end points of phrases for unlimited applications in one master project; basically, you can dub the same project more quickly into numerous languages.''

This solution is aided by the AutoSync feature, which allows greater sync between different audio and video files. Indeed, the feature offers 90 per cent sync accuracy when integrated with Google Cloud's API.

Enhance your dubbing project

Taking dubbing digital by enhancing traditional processes like the rythmoband are the way of the industry's future. To test VoiceQ's capabilities yourself, trial our Pro 3.0 software, and if you aren't impressed.






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