Why speed is the name of the game with VoiceQ Pro 3.0

Traditional dubbing practices have historically been the repose of the time and resource-rich. Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) of actors' lines for best sound quality is costly and time-consuming, effectively doubling your production time. The rythmoband technique, still commonly used in parts of Canada and France, did improve matters by making reading dialogue during dubbing more streamlined. However, this technique is complex and requires specialist sound engineers to set up, meaning it is out of the budget for most local dubbing producers.

Dialogue and the vocal performance

Increasing the speed and ease of operation for actors when delivering their vocal performance will naturally improve the quality of your final product while also saving your production time and money. VoiceQ Pro 3.0 has a raft of innovative digital features that ensures actors can make the best of their performance.

Getting your dubbing project moving quickly is easy with VoiceQ 3.0.

Scrolling visual dialogue, playable over any supported media file, offers customisable font, size and speed, making dialogue re-enactment truly intuitive and unique to the actor. Frame-accurate cueing supports this intuitive and easy performance by enabling users to customise the frequency and visual cues for their dialogue. Finally, the actor progress display enables voice performers to see their dialogue well in advance and customise scrolling speed and style to support a more authentic vocal performance.

Audio production

Making recordings, editing and mixing actors' vocal performance easier for producers and sound engineers was another aim of our Pro 3.0 software, which we achieved with three distinct and innovative features. Feature rich reporting allows you to follow the flow of your dubbing project as it happens, and you gain access to ADR cue sheets, scheduling reports and scripts. With the speech regions feature, users can see highlighted audio to easily place lines and navigate between file segments faster, giving sound engineers fuller control over the whole project.

When VoiceQ started more than a decade ago, speeding up the dubbing process was our priority.

Finally, the innovative AutoSync Assistant acts as the perfect tool for efficient project management. A built-in script processor, it minimises the time it takes for users to import text. A voice recognition machine searches for appropriate audio and matches it to your imported text, constantly re-syncing and changing text as it works.

When VoiceQ entered the scene more than a decade ago, speeding up the dubbing process was high on our agenda, taking advantage of emerging technology and digital platforms to make the process more intuitive. Our VoiceQ 3.0 software marks the fulfilment of our dreams to create an integrated dubbing platform that dubbers worldwide can use. To find out why speed is the name of the game with VoiceQ, trial our Pro 3.0 software today or select a licensed package that suits your project workflow.