Post-production innovation: New VoiceQ features launching at NAB 2017

The world of content production is changing rapidly. New technologies are allowing for previously complex processes to be completed quicker, easier and better than ever before, with no area benefiting as much as the world of post-production. With so much new content being produced, and a global audience hungry for more, technical innovations are proving critical to the rapid completion of processes like ADR and dubbing. Not only do these tasks need to be completed quickly, they also need to result in a polished end product that's ready for viewing.

Here at VoiceQ, we relish the opportunities afforded to us by this tsunami of content, and we've listened closely to the industry's demands in order to produce a product that really makes a difference. Each new iteration of the VoiceQ software builds on what's come before, and in 2017 we're proud to be releasing the most comprehensive and feature-rich version yet. We'll be launching this product at the 2017 NAB show, and there are two new features in particular that we're very excited about.

VoiceQ Writer is a brand-new software application built into VoiceQ 3.0 that provides users with an all-in-one script writer.

1. VoiceQ Writer

VoiceQ Writer is a brand-new software application built into VoiceQ 3.1 that provides users with an all-in-one script writer. The application makes it possible for writers, translators and trans-adaptors to control every element of their scripts – whether they're working within a studio or outside of one prior to recording sessions. VoiceQ writer can be used from the start of the scripting process – with a range of supported formats for importing – through to small adjustments during a session. For example, the application can be used to accurately mark pauses or split lines, providing voice talent with clear markers that allow for the best possible performance.

The simple user interface of VoiceQ Writer makes even the most detailed tasks, such as cue placement, simple and quick. This ensures that no matter the project, every script used in VoiceQ will be both time and synch perfect. When the script is accurate, it's that much easier for talent to deliver the best possible performance, saving time in the studio and ensuring every recording is word-for-word accurate.

Ditch the paper and take control of scripts with VoiceQ Writer.

2. Support for Blackmagic Design hardware

In a typical recording studio, there will be all sorts of different pieces of physical hardware than need to be integrated into a workflow. These include everything from capture devices to jog wheels, but one of the most important pieces of hardware for ADR and dubbing is undoubtedly the humble video card. A huge segment of the industry uses video cards from Blackmagic Design to output video onto a monitor for ADR and dubbing, and it's critical that this video signal is of the highest quality.

We're launching a new plug and play feature that allows users to output video through Blackmagic Design hardware in the very highest quality.

That's why we're launching a new plug-and-play feature that allows for VoiceQ to output video through Blackmagic Design hardware in the very highest quality formats – regardless of whether you're working in SD or HD. Not only will this allow for voice talent to work with higher quality images, the support will also reduce setup times and eliminate any headaches from compatibility issues. The update also solves the problem of changing or updating a workflow, ensuring that each new piece of Blackmagic hardware fits seamlessly into an existing setup.

We're hugely excited to be launching these new features in 2017 and can't wait to share them with engineers, writers and voice actors across the world. To find out more about all the latest features you'll find in VoiceQ, contact us today.






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