How dubbing can expand the popularity of Video-On-Demand

It was inevitable. As the world digitalised, so too has the way we access entertainment. The traditional television medium is becoming redundant - what people want is easily accessible content, available across multiple devices, customised to their individual tastes, for a nominal monthly fee and little set up. They want Video-on-Demand (VOD).

But for a worldwide audience, a practical problem exists in using VOD platforms - there is no way of accessing content online in a range of authentically dubbed languages.

The way people watch entertainment is changing - now, we want content online.

iFlix and VOD in emerging markets

iFlix is a VOD service provider that targets emerging entertainment markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, regions which posted a huge 17.4 per cent growth in VOD user spending from 2016, according to a Gartner report. Competing with regional and national enterprises, iFlix have managed significant growth.

Emerging entertainment markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, posted a huge 17.4 per cent growth in user spending from 2016 figures.

However, despite this depth of market availability, iFlix have not been able to exploit it to its fullest potential, due to their inability to expand the language accessibility of their content. While subtitles partially address this gap, the clamour for authentically dubbed content is rising.

How dubbing localisation can expand VOD popularity

VoiceQ Pro 3.0 offers users a simple dubbing platform to perform Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR), giving producers and sound engineers a truly authentic localised sound for their project. Taking the best of traditional rythmo band techniques and digitising them, VoiceQ Pro is a dubbing tool made for global use locally.

VoiceQ Pro allows users unrivalled access and interaction with both source scripts and their audio files. With ability to edit scripts in real-time, you can both rework dialogue to find the best and most authentic translation while still communicating the same meaning. It enables better acting performances, and gives producers control over the project as a whole.

Localised production will involve teams of industry professionals working regionally to dub the iFlix's content for local markets. This represents an excellent opportunity to expand the capabilities of VOD platforms for everyone's enjoyment, no matter what language you speak.

iFlix boast a host of quality American TV series, but without authentically dubbed dialogue for local language tastes.

Seeking authentic dubbing?

VOD-streamed entertainment is the future, with accessibility and affordability guaranteeing continued popularity. But for providers like iFlix to meet the potential of emerging entertainment markets, they need to bring content from around the world to people's ears with authentic dubbed dialogue. Localising ADR production is efficient - but ensuring producers and sound engineers are tooled up with the most advanced digital dubbing software will be vital.

VoiceQ 3.0 could just be the key to unlocking truly worldwide engagement with worldwide content. To test VoiceQ's unrivalled capabilities for yourself, trial our Pro 3.0 software today or select a licensed package that suits your project workflow.

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