VoiceQ Pro - expanding the capabilities of future dubbers

Dubbing has gradually evolved from a highly technical studio process achievable only by experienced sound engineers to a digitised undertaking that can be accessed from a single online platform. Dubbing technology like VoiceQ Pro 3.0 is the future industry standard - and sound engineering is beginning to recognise that. The State University website, a comprehensive guide to vocational and academic courses in the U.S., highlighted the need for contemporary sound engineers to have a firm understanding of computer programming and digital technology.

Adapting to the changing times by replacing time-consuming traditional practices with intuitive digital platforms is key to VoiceQ's ethos as we seek to further expand the capabilities of future dubbers.

Dubbing's future will be far more digital and intuitive.

VoiceQ Pro boasts a range of digital features that makes Automated Dialogue Replacement easier and more intuitive:

Dialogue editing and interaction

  • Scrolling visual dialogue means that users can customise dialogue fonts, sizes and spacing, making their vocal performance intuitive to them. This ease of performance is supported by a variety of actor progress displays and teleprompters - whatever suits your personal preferences.

  • Real-time editing affords actors and producers the chance to edit scripts at any point during production. VoiceQ Pro's drag and drop feature also means text can be imported from any source, making dialogue truly authentic in translation.

Sound, language and speech abilities

  • VoiceQ boasts a range of linguistic capabilities, with the ability to handle the 40+ languages currently supported by MacOS. The script-processing Autosync Assistant also enables users to save time on importing and syncing text, with a voice recognition machine searching for appropriate audio and matching it to text as it goes. Users can expect up to 95 per cent successful sync for a much cleaner sound.

  • Feature rich reporting also enables producers and project managers to track the success of their ongoing projects from anywhere with real-time data.

VoiceQ makes the dubbing process easier, condensing expensive studio equipment onto one online platform.

Technical integration and digital capabilities

  • VoiceQ 3.0 is readily integrated with a variety of technology and works on most supported processing systems. Requiring 4GB of RAM to operate and a small amount of disk space for installation, Voice Q software is designed for maximum compatibility with Apple Macs, offering much-needed flexibility.

Digital dubbing technology like VoiceQ Pro is the future of ADR. Localising production, with sound engineers accessing intuitive dubbing tools online with minimal studio equipment, will be led by tools like VoiceQ Pro. To test its capabilities for yourself, trial our Pro 3.0 software today.

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