The truth is still out there – ADR in X-Files’ audio series

Nearly 25 years on from its first air date, ten television seasons and thousands of die-hard fans later, the truth is still out there. The X-Files have entered new territory by releasing audio series 'Cold Cases'. An adaptation of the Joe Harris comics, it features many of the original cast members and is available on Amazon's audio platform,

This is just the latest case in the reemergence of the audio series format, made popular again by the rise of podcasts and e-book series as new content mediums – but key to this strength is Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR). Ensuring actors are able to deliver authentic vocal performances is made easier by digital dubbing tools like VoiceQ Pro.

The X-Files return as an audio series is reminiscent of eerie 1950s radio dramas.

X-Files – 'the digital is out there'

The X-Files is one of the longest running television shows in U.S history, with generations of hardcore fans ever-awaiting new, original content. The story has proven its versatility in a variety of mediums over the years, including two feature films, comic books and, now, this digital audio series. Audio drama producer Dirk Maggs aimed to replicate the eerieness of 1950s radio drama series, according to Bleeding Cool, and it was this authentic feel and expansion into unidentified media territory that attracted many of the cast back to the X-Files universe.

In creating the show, the cast needed to ensure that they produced authentic vocal performances – the project relied entirely on their voices. The 'Cold Cases' project would have benefited tremendously from the use of digital ADR tools like VoiceQ Pro. Real-time script editing affords actors the chance to deliver dialogue that suits their individual vocal performance, while project reporting and AutoSyncing allows producers seamless and total control over the flow of the entire project.

The re-emergence of the dubbed audio series

The re-emergence of audio drama harks back to the 1950s era of radio soap operas, which were incredibly popular for an increasingly mobile America. Now it seems the trend has come full circle, with a digitised world seeking entertainment on-the-go in the form of podcasts and e-books. Quality audio content is vital for this medium to thrive, and achieving this through digital ADR platforms represents the most efficient and easiest method.

VoiceQ as an ADR and dubbing tool

With future X-Files projects mooted, including a third feature length film, it is fair to say that new incarnations will not end up as an 'Unidentified Failed Objects'. However, the strength of future projects relies on the success of this step into the audio series medium – and using ADR in X-Files' audio series 'Cold Cases' has helped deliver, according to critical reviews, a well-crafted and quality addition to the canon.

VoiceQ Pro is an industry-celebrated name in ADR and dubbing, helping deliver a range of successful projects. To test VoiceQ's capabilities yourself, trial our Pro 3.0 software.

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