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Purpose built for exceptional dubbing experiences - VoiceQ and Automatic Sync Technologies

In January 2018 the team at VoiceQ undertook its own research to gain insights on 'how to deliver on exceptional dubbing member viewing experiences'.  A key challenge to address was 'achieving high quality lip sync (word by word) in VoiceQ efficiently without sacrificing quality'

VoiceQ has partnered with Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) to create an innovative workflow to deliver “word by word sync” and significantly reduce sync and quality control time.   AST is world leading provider of closed captioning services. Since 2003 they have produced more than 5 million caption files for over 5,000 customers. 

VoiceQ’s Navigator Series enables to import of generic word level timing files (.vqsync). Users can import scripts without time-code (using the start of the next line as new end time)  and then edit them in VoiceQ.  Read more...   

Using independent trials across a range of project types we’ve witnessed 200% - 600% reduction in quality control time, precision quality, and relative cost reduction.

Case Studies using VoiceQ and Captionsynch 2018


Project Range:              Advertisement, Short Film, EBook, TV Episodes

Time range:                    32 sec - 1hour 47min

Voice talent range:     1 - 37     

Audio Type:                    Mixed and  Dialogue Clean

Research Workflow: Manual result reflect a user finding start and end times as well as word by word sync. Results with CaptionSync are based on an upload of a script file without timecode with an exported audio file to CaptionSync services. Time (lip-sync) is defined as the time taken to find the lip-sync for each individual characters words and the start and end points of each characters line.

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