VoiceQ Cloud allows users assigned to projects to work in tandem with one another in multiple locations around the world. Users can work online or download the project to their computer.

Work together in real-time

Online Script Editing 

When users upload a project to VoiceQ Cloud it can then be edited online using a similar workspace to the native mac applications. Multiple users may edit their assigned script language and all data is shared with each user associated with the project. Currently script editing and media functionality is available with timeline and sync features coming soon.

Real-time editing on the cloud


VoiceQ Cloud centralizes all projects into one place. This allows users to easily track lines (50 characters) and script lines to easily measure the amount of time an actor is required for recording. This makes booking simple when doing multi-lingual projects. All data is captured in a simple interface giving users real-time progress on both Translation and Recording.

Useful information created from your data 

Reporting on grouped projects

Users can see data from multiple projects collected in one simple view. For example if you have seasonal content, VoiceQ Cloud can calculate how many lines an actor may have over a number of different projects in one place. This also can be split to show different line counts over multiple or single languages and allow the user to export report data for use in other project management software solutions.

Managing the many

User Management

Users of VoiceQ Cloud can manage contacts directly using our service. You can sort by the following categories: Translator, Online translator, Audio Engineer, Client and Administrator/manager. Each user who signs up to a paid plan is given management rights to projects that user uploads or is set as a manager by another user.

You control permissions and security 

Discrete Sharing

Managers can create different teams with collaborators with multiple roles. The system is designed to give the project administrators direct control over who sees what projects. Managers have the ability not only to remove projects but also to discreetly remove users from projects as well.

You control the project views 

Multi Language Capability

VoiceQ supports a large range of languages that includes Left to right (e.g. English, French, German, Spanish) and right to left (e.g. Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hebrew) language support. VoiceQ also has transcription built in that uses Google Speech to find the correct translation.

Localisation made easy 


World-class service demands the best security. Our users know that their information is kept safe. Encryption in transit and robust infrastructure mean users can rely on VoiceQ Cloud to keep confidential deliverables secure. Users can also manage access to projects and remove users at any time.

Reduce risk and manage compliance 

Research & Development

VoiceQ applies an agile process to R&D.  Client support is provided daily, client feedback is scoped weekly, consumer and sector trends are reviewed monthly and application updates are released bi-monthly. 

Since 2018 VoiceQ's R&D has enabled the delivery of a new cloud service and over 100 new efficiency and quality features to the native applications. 

Always listening. Always iterating