The Race for Audio Post Production Efficiency - Who is the Best of the Best?

Does your business deserve the best?  We believe you do. In 2017 the market asked and we listened. In September 2018 we responded by launching the VOICEQ 4.0 Navigator Series as our commitment to global innovation. This Series has been developed through rigorous testing and trialling over 12 months, working closely with beta testers in markets around the world, to achieve a solution able to meet the challenges of this fast-changing industry and outpace the competition.

So the real question is what competitive product are you using?... And is it worthy of your future business? 

We put three big applications through the gauntlet to see which application comes up on top

Edicue & EdiPrompt - Sounds in Sync

Log ADR Cues and Department Notes within Pro Tools. EdiCue then creates PDF scripts in various formats and generates files to assist the recording process. Winner of an Emmy® award 2015.

Overlay visual cues including prompts, text, counters or streamers on top of a movie window. EdiPrompt can also automate the ADR and foley recording process when using Pro Tools.

VideoSlave - Non-Lethal Applications

Video Slave 4 is the industry standard application for synchronized movie playback for your DAW. Let your DAW handle the audio and use Video Slave do what it is best at and do all the heavy lifting with video effortlessly. Our video engine supports a wide range of video codecs and containers so you don't need to worry about platform-specific video anymore and can focus on the creative process. Video Slave's feature set is designed for composers and audio professionals alike.

Mosaic - Noblurway

The Dubbing / Post-sync Module of Noblurway Mosaic provides tools for precisely placing the text of the original version of a digital rythmo band (lip sync), as well as part of a voices post-sync than in a preparatory work for adaptation.

Key understandings

1. Ease of use

2. Efficiency

3. Connectivity

4. Features

Edicue: Tested loading a video and script into Edicue. Very confusing but once I figured out how to use it with Pro Tools it ran well.