Engineers can pull up-to-the-minute scripts from adaptors for fluid workflows when connected online. When doing television Engineers can pull in scripts while they are being QC'd in a live session to give actors lines meaning less time in the studio for voice artists.


Clients can view progression if assigned by a project manager.

This gives clients oversight on progression as well as project managers. The choice is available but users may opt not to share data at their own discretion.


Directors can download and sync projects to VoiceQ servers for up-to-the-minute adaptions for use in studios. Changes can be made up to the minute during a session and synched to the cloud for other adaptors/writers to edit if required.


Quality control can check work done by staff in the online script editor to find mistakes and mark corrections. Changes made can be shared with all users online or when synched to the server.


Record in a studio environment in a professional studio or remotely using our simple to use applications.

VoiceQ is like  "karaoke for actors". Using our custom media window Actors can record either traditionally using 3 beeps and streamers; or using newer technology like our custom Digital Rythmoband, line progression, and preview text views.


Manage teams, assign projects and sort roles within VoiceQ Cloud.

Project managers have the responsibility of the planning, procurement, and execution of a project, in any undertaking that has a defined scope, defined start, and a defined finish; regardless of industry. Managers can easily track each users work and project progression.


Users can edit in our online script manager or offline in our suite of apps and adapt scripts assigned to them by a manager.


Users may use VoiceQ Cloud to sync with VoiceQ Pro/Writer applications to do word by word sync and spotting as well as script translation/adaptation.