The truth is still out there – ADR in X-Files’ audio series

Nearly 25 years on from its first air date, ten television seasons and thousands of die-hard fans later, the truth is still out there. The X-Files have entered new territory by releasing audio series 'Cold Cases'. An adaptation of the Joe Harris comics, it features many of the original cast members and is available on Amazon's audio platform, This is just the latest case in the reemergence of the audio series format, made popular again by the rise of podcasts and e-book series as new content mediums – but key to this strength is Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR). Ensuring actors are able to deliver authentic vocal performances is made easier by digital dubbing tools like Voic

VoiceQ Pro - expanding the capabilities of future dubbers

Dubbing has gradually evolved from a highly technical studio process achievable only by experienced sound engineers to a digitised undertaking that can be accessed from a single online platform. Dubbing technology like VoiceQ Pro 3.0 is the future industry standard - and sound engineering is beginning to recognise that. The State University website, a comprehensive guide to vocational and academic courses in the U.S., highlighted the need for contemporary sound engineers to have a firm understanding of computer programming and digital technology. Adapting to the changing times by replacing time-consuming traditional practices with intuitive digital platforms is key to VoiceQ's ethos as we se

How dubbing can expand the popularity of Video-On-Demand

It was inevitable. As the world digitalised, so too has the way we access entertainment. The traditional television medium is becoming redundant - what people want is easily accessible content, available across multiple devices, customised to their individual tastes, for a nominal monthly fee and little set up. They want Video-on-Demand (VOD). But for a worldwide audience, a practical problem exists in using VOD platforms - there is no way of accessing content online in a range of authentically dubbed languages. The way people watch entertainment is changing - now, we want content online. iFlix and VOD in emerging markets iFlix is a VOD service provider that targets emerging entertainment ma